Word with Nature

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This is just my thoughts with Nature on how amazing,exciting and awesome it is and also how grateful I am to feel it .:)

Submitted: July 21, 2018

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Submitted: July 21, 2018



Hi, Nature.You should probably be knowing me because whenever I am out of my mind or stressful or sad or even happy,I always come to you and pour out my thoughts.Omg!How many days have I stood in the balcony and cried out to you!The reason I seek your company is that you never argue or advice or retort saying that I was wrong(Eventually I would come to know).You just stay there and listen.How nice of you!You make me evolve into a better person.Thank you sooo much:)

Where do I start about your elegance!You are unique in your own way.The trees,clouds,plants,oceans,stars,cool breeze,sun,moon,sky,mountains,rain,rainbow and so on.Wow!Numerous creations!You all make me peaceful.Thank you!

You always have a soothing effect on me.Whenever the problems and worries keep adding up and takes me to the verge of breaking I just go out.And if I feel the fall of first raindrop on my face..Bam!Every damn worry that pushed my courage down flies away. Seriously how do you do that?!Also,the mornings when I read sitting in the balcony helps me connect with you.Genuinely grateful!

I always admire your beauty no matter where I am and how bad the surrounding is.I was even called crazy for doing that but you know,who cares.Usually kids wanted to be out just to cherish you.Why can't we also be that same innocent souls who enjoy you,NATURE!

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