the GOTH-HOUSE. Chapter 4(page 1)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: I dunno

Submitted: July 21, 2018

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Submitted: July 21, 2018



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CHAPTER IV (1/2 pages)

(The Shadow World)

Page 1.

It has been a very quiet period since Hannah got to know the secretes lurked in the darkness of the GOTH-HOUSE. The days were colorful and the nights peaceful. She hadn't felt the urge of waking up late at nights, nor has she had scary nightmares. Her fears were becoming more subtle too. No sign of the shadow man nor strange happenings lately. It was as if all had happened in her dreams and now she had woke up to face the brighter tune of her new house. No need to scare at all.

Hannah dropped the bag of beverages she'd got on her way back from school. Harry was on the couch as usual, and he barely noticed her enter the house.

"Hey big guy" she called to him.

Harry made a welcoming face as he walked to join her at the dinning table where she'd dumped her shopping bags.

"I guess you'd need a manly hand here" Harry said as he lifted the bags and headed for the kitchen. The muscles on his back tensed and twitched in hardened but delicate manner. His arms were broad and so was his shoulders. His body was sweaty and shone in the dim glow of the living room. He looked just perfect.

Hannah smiled and followed behind.

"Thanks" she offered as Harry set the bags on the kitchen counter.

"You'll have to pay ten bucks for that" Harry joked. And they both laughed it off.

Hannah tidied her stuffs and headed for her room for a shower, and maybe for a quick nap before she studies. She padded the stairs as fast as her legs could carry her and stopped when she saw Lisa headed downstairs.

"Hey you're home girlie" Lisa said as she enveloped her in a girl-kind-of hug.

Lisa had been like a sister here. They'd both found themselves chatting a lot. Talking about almost everything girls should talk about. Yeah. Including boys. Lisa was a bit older and experienced when it comes to boys. In fact, she'd told Hannah about how her past relationships had been ruined and how guys could be cruel if trusted too much. Though Hannah hadn't been in any relationship in the past, even when she tried in highschool, the guy she had a crush on was a real jerk. Almost every guy she'd met in high school were bunches of hormones. She disliked jerks. She'd always preferred the tough and responsible guys like___yeah like Harry. She couldn't help but blush to that.

"Hope you'd come down for dinner?" Lisa said as she took the stairs heading down to the living room.

"No, I don't think I will. Thanks" Hannah said as she closed the door behind her.

Her bedroom looked exactly as she'd left it in the morning. Everything was in place except for her bed which she'd forgotten to make before she left for classes. She just dumped her backpack on the bed and removed her coat, then her shoes, and scurried to the bathroom for a quick and warm shower.

When she was done, she changed into her night robe and climbed into bed. She sat crossed-legs on the bed and dug into her backpack which she'd dumped on the bed earlier. She had school works to do on SOUND MECHANICS. Physics had been one of her favourite courses, she had Aced all her tests and quizzes on that. Most importantly she loved calculations and elementary practicals. Physics was cool as far as Hannah was concerned.

As she began to flip through pages of her Mechanic workbook, she heard a knock on her door. The knock sounded way too light to be from Lisa (She wouldn't need to knock to enter her room anyway) Then who could that be?

"Who's that?" She called out.

"Can I come in?" Harry said after a dim silence.

The door opened and Harry stepped inside. He wore a big rounded Tee and a major masculine pant. He must have used the shower just a while ago, because his hair was dripping wet and he smelled of cherry shampoo. He looked younger as he smiled across to her.

"You're studying. I think I should go" he said.

"No, no need. I___I mean I'm almost done". Hannah lied. She couldn't tell him she just started with her school work, in fact that could wait. Oh God these guy makes her feel just cool!

Harry sat on the bed next to her, he was calm and all smiling. Hannah just kept staring like she'd seen a demigod.

"I just wanted to check on you before I retire to sleep. You didn't have dinner. Hope you're well?" Harry asked.

"Sure. I had something to eat on my way back from school" She answered.

They both talked at a stretch. The way Harry kept smiling and rolling his eyes made her warm inside. She likes to watch his gap-teeth when he smiled, the way his muscles flexed when he shrugged, and the flicker in his eyes when they glow in harmony. Somehow she felt older and younger when around Harry.

Hannah woke up with a stinging headache. She must have slept off while talking to Harry. She robbed her eyes and tried to sit up. Her room felt strangely cold and the feeling of terror crept into her bones. The darkness in her room hit her eyes like a mist of rainy clouds, she could barely see her own hands.

She reached for the torchlight which she'd put under her pillow for emergencies. She switched it on and the little glow of light shaded her bedside. She looked around her room and scanned every corner. It was all clear. Wait... Clear except___ except for the dark statue which stood at the far arch of her room. His face was covered with ash, and his hair flown down to cover a better part of his face. His hands looked pale like his face, and his nails were longer and sharp. He had his eyes running with blood and his body smelled of decay. His cold eyes were fixed on her, and he had a predatory glare as he approached her bedside.

Hannah yelped in fright and stirred out of bed in a flash. She made to run for the door but she was smoothed on the head. So hard that she fell to the marble floor like a kite soaked in rainstorm.


*continues next page*

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