the GOTH-HOUSE. Chapter 4(page 2)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: I dunno

Submitted: July 21, 2018

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Submitted: July 21, 2018



#J. Praise Book series. ™




CHAPTER FOUR (2/2 Pages)

(The shadow world)

Page 2.

Hannah laid still on the floor. Though she felt the urge to stand up, to run, and to flee from the monster who had struck her. But her strength was gone, her legs were too weak and her whole body kept trembling.

She watched as the Shadow man approached closer. No, it's not the shadow man. This was someone else, something more scary. He walked in staggering steps like a zombie and his nails made passive movements in mid air. He made humming sounds and hissing whispers. All freaking scary stuffs.

He was standing above her now. He looked down at her with an amusing stare of "YOU'RE MINE TO DEVOUR". He bent down over her and closed his cold hands around her throat.

Hannah chocked and gagged.

Her eyes popped open widely. She wrapped her hands around wrist but could do nothing to stop him. Not with such strength. Her windpipe crushed down her throat trapping and chocking her breathe. Her lungs burned and her heartbeat pounded away so hard.

His long and sharp nails dug into her skin, drawing blood in a rush. It was all happening too fast. She was being strangled by a beast, a beast dead but alive in the shadow world. She could feel her pulse decreasing. Her eyes burned with tears and pain. She would be dead in no time. She wouldn't have the chance to tell her friends what has happened to her, or tell them how they'd all end up like her. Because the GOTH-HOUSE is a tombstone where the dead come alive and hunt the living.

As she struggled her last, her hand wrapped around the torchlight which had dropped from her hands when she was smacked on the head. In pure reflex she held it firmly and jammed it hard on the demon's jawbone. So hard that he lost his grip on her neck and winced. He gave a painful grunt and his eyes flicked from horror to fierce rage.

Hannah had no time to regret her actions. She sprang to her feet and dragged herself out of the room with all her efforts. Even though she still felt dizzy and her breathe was messed due to the chocking, she had no option but to put all her strength into fleeing. Because, this could be her last chance of survival (if there's any).

The hallway was dark and creepy as well. In fact, the whole house was creepy tonight. She ran as fast as she could. The floor felt icy cold as her feet touched them. She wheeled her limbs towards Harry's room but stopped abruptly as she caught sight of another dark statue down the hallway. This one wore Irish red cloak which was flowing in piles on the floor. He had a dagger and his face looked pale too. He glared at her and his mouth revealed his teeth. Brownish white teeth with sharp carnie and long incisors curving into fangs. He looked just like the vampire Dracula, except, Dracula was a vampire in human form, but this___ he looked horribly scary!

Hannah made a turn and crashed into another room instead. It was Lisa's but she was not on her bed. She was not in her room at all. A mist of tears clouded her eyes as she wondered where her friend had gone or what would have happened to her.

She banged the door behind her and ran down the hallway for the stairs. She noticed she was being chased now. She ran faster and padded down the stairs with fast and heavy strides. Her limbs ached as she ran through the living room headed for the main entrance.

The door clicked shut as she reached to turn the knob. It wasn't opening up and there's no point trying to force it open. The same thing had happened to her in the dark MYSTERY room when she first saw the shadow man. She'd tried forcing it open but it won't even yield to her efforts, so she learnt her lessons already. She could also hear the sweeping sounds of the demons approaching down the stairs towards her. They were close!

She left the entrance door and ran for the kitchen. The door opened at her touch, and she slammed it behind her immediately. She leaned her back on the door and breathed heavily. She ran her hand through her hair as tears began to trail her face. Cold and terrifying tears. She could still feel the burn in her throat and the blood sipping down her neckline. Her body was in mess, but not much as her heart which was shattered in fear and anguish. She was alone, not sure what has happened to her friends, and not sure what would happen to her either.

She moved away from the door as she heard footsteps coming towards the kitchen. Her heart kept pounding in her chest. She murmured her last prayer and sealed her fate with the sign of the cross (something her mother does when she's in grave danger). She began to take weak steps backwards as the footsteps got closer, and closer, and closer, then...

The door clicked open and standing at the doorway was HARRY.

He had a florescent lamp in his hand, and a huge baseball bat in the other. He had a prayer rosary wrapped around it too.

"Are you okay?" He asked as if he'd been relieved of a duty to rescue Princess Diana from the Dutches wolf.

"Harry__" she walked to him and fell into his hands. She sobbed now like the 16 years old girl she'd always been before she started fighting and fleeing from demons.

"I'm scared" she said in a whisper.

"It's okay. You're safe now. I came to check you in your room but you were gone". Harry said. He sounded like a soldier who had fought a troop of enemies just in one night. All alone.

" Lisa is___" Hannah stopped in her words.

"Lisa is fine. I took her to a safe place" Harry said firmly.

Thank God, Hannah said to herself.

Tears trailed her face again. But this time it was something close to tears of Joy. Knowing all was over (for now), and her friends were safe, And the comfort she found in Harry's embrace. It all gave her a sense of peace and happiness again.

Then, she found a smile out of her broken tears.



*continues next Chapter*

#the GOTH-HOUSE_series.

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