A spiders trail

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Rolf and James are to best friends who shared the same train, wagon and cabin, for more then ten years. Everyday they had been together on the way to their jobs. Until one day disaster struck
during the trip. They are quickly forced to participate in a plan to get everyone who are on the train safe, while they are under attack by gigantic monster. Will they make it to the end of the
tunnel, where they are stuck? One things for sure, they all have to work together in order to get theirselves in safety.

Submitted: July 21, 2018

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Submitted: July 21, 2018



A lightning bolt followed by a heavy bang.

The rain gushed down and placed the forest under water in no time.

Roe deer, deer, wild boar and other wild animals ran out of the forest into the adjacent mountain area and sought a good shelter place there.




Again a lightning bolt followed by an even more severe thunder as the previous one.


Arachnia, an arachnid creature who was hiding in his burrow under the ground, felt the water trickling in, and he panicked for an exit.


He started digging until he finally came out on the ground floor and fled from his den.

He also saw other animals run away and he started to panic again.

These animals had never seen Arachnia before, but they seemed to pay no attention to him.

Except for the last herd, whose way he barred when they passed, and he fled deeper into the forest.


The herd of wild boars followed him and they drove him to the other side of the forest.

He stopped at the edge and looked back.

The herd was nowhere to be seen, and when he looked back in front of him he saw a hole in the mountain and curiously, but also a bit suspiciously, he went into the hole in the mountainside.

What would he be finding there.




The next morning


The intercity train between Inverness and Fort William was running at high speed over the track that ran between the mountains. Rolf, who had resigned in Fort Augustus, went to his regular place in this fairly busy morning train.


Opposite of him was a man who was estimated to be as old as he was.

"Good morning," Rolf said.

"Morning," said the man, James, in turn, "Everything okay?"

"Glad it's Friday," Rolf said, "there seemed to be no end to this week!"


On the way they talked about the course of the week and about the plans for the weekend, while the train was driving further.

Rolf and James had known each other for years.

They had been in this train every day for at least ten years, in this car and on these seats.


Rolf was forty-two and worked as a technician in a company where he had been working for almost twenty years.

James was a little younger than Rolf, and had been working for almost ten years as security officer at Fort William Customs.


They had become so accustomed to this ride, that they did not even notice that they were entering a tunnel.

Suddenly the train slowed down, they both looked out of the window and James said: "we can not be there yet, that would be very fast."


Out of nowhere the train made an emergency stop and at the same time they were shaken heavily.

For a brief moment it became silent and everyone was startled by a hellish cry, which seemed almost unnatural.

The light in the wagons fell away, the engine fell out and there was a tense atmosphere that everyone took in his possession.




Rolf and James stood up from their chairs at the same time.

"Hello!" Rolf called.

From all sides they heard panicky cries and people running wildly.


Again the train was shaken and again they heard a hellish cry. For a brief moment it became silent, but then the panic really started. Rolf thought to himself: "we have to do something to calm people down” He thought about it.


James had meanwhile run to the wheelhouse to see what had happened.

When he got there he saw that the driver was unconscious, with his head on the steering wheel.

He ran to the man and tried to get him back to his senses.


He took a piece of chocolate out of his coat pocket and when he finally succeeded in raising the driver's consciousness again he gave him a piece.

"Take this here" said James, "so you'll get back on strength"

"What happened?" He asked the driver.


The driver looked at James with wide eyes and first took a bite of the chocolate turned his attention back to James and then said in a shaky voice:

"I suddenly saw two yellow eyes, they kept getting shorter and shorter. I was able to pull the emergency brake just in time and then I fell into a deep black hole The last thing I saw were the same yellow eyes, big and frightening right in front of me. "


James looked out the window, but he only saw a thick, terrifying darkness. Something told him that something was in it, but what? He involuntarily got a shiver running over his whole body, as if it was fear that slowly took possession of him.



The panic that prevailed over the people in the train had cooled down a bit, everyone had become a bit calmer again. James had taken on the task of taking care of the people in the train. He tried to talk to everyone and help where he could. He received help from a few others and he was extremely grateful to them for that. He also tried to contact Scotland Yard, but because they were in a tunnel he had no reach and he had to find a different solution.


Rolf stayed with the driver of the train and together they tried to restart the engine but even though they had been working for almost half an hour they still had no success. Rolf then decided to go into the train and search for technical assistance. When he went through the wagons, he found some people with a technical background who were immediately willing to help.  On the way he met James and they talked about the state of affairs for a moment.


James told him he was looking for a few people who were willing to go out with him and try to reach the end of the tunnel so they could seek help. At first Rolf did not think it was a good idea, but he did not see a better solution himself and so he reluctantly agreed and then continued on his way to the locomotive.


After a quarter of an hour, James also entered the locomotive with some willing people and after a brief briefing, they opened the front door with the aid of the emergency release and went on their way. With their fives they entered the terrifying silent darkness, albeit all with a small heart.



"Brrr, what a creepy atmosphere this is?” whispered James. He saw gigantic cobwebs and a dirty gel-like mucus everywhere.

"I want to get to the end of the tunnel as quickly as possible," whispered a woman, Beth, who had come walking next to James, and she shuddered.


Occasionally they heard a sound behind them and they turned lightning fast, only to see that something was always falling. James was involuntarily pleased that Beth was there. He did not know her very well, he knew that she had been on this train for years, but they had never really talked.


As they walked, it became cooler and James knew they had to be near the end of the Tunnel.

Suddenly he stopped, he had heard something behind him. 

"Did you hear that ?!" he asked tense as he turned around.


Beth also turned around very fast.

"Yes," she whispered in a tense voice.

They looked around them, but did not immediately see anything and they therefore decided to speed up.

"The sooner we get out of this tunnel, and we can call in the police, the better" James thought to himself.



Rolf plopped down in the nearest chair. In the past hour he had been running from the front of the train to the very rear of the train, trying to help where he could.


Now he could take a breath. After a few minutes he felt sleepy and therefore stood up again. Sleeping was the last thing he could think of now. His thoughts wandered off to the people in the tunnel and hoped that James was okay.


"How was it with them?"

"Where were they now?"

"Could they have already made contact with Scotland Yard?"


His brain was working at full speed and he started to become slightly desperate. He hoped in the deepest of his heart that his best friend was okay and he tried to suppress the idea that something would happen to him.


He was so lost in thought that he did not even realize that someone was talking to him. It was only when he heard the word monster that he was dragged back to the present in no time. He saw that people were walking around here and there again. And he saw that the lights had turned back on. 


He started to walk towards the locomotive. When he got there he saw that the people had gotten back into the train, only one of them was still outside. They explained to Rolf that by the shock some fuses had blown and that they had replaced them, but Rolf's attention was diverted by something else.


He saw two large luminous bulbs right in front of the train and they were getting shorter and shorter. He did not know what it was, he was blinded by a great light, which was getting shorter and shorter. He thought that every moment could be his last.


he saw two gigantic eyes on the train, terrifying and full of hatred. This monster had his attention completely focused on the thing that came to disturb his rest and it was clear that it felt attacked.


the beast was at least three feet high and had a lot of legs. It reminded Rolf of a spider, and the man behind him called the name Arachnia, and Rolf felt a shiver run over his back when he heard that name. His grandfather had once told him about a beast called Arachnia, an arachnid creature living in wooded environments and devouring everything in its immediate surroundings.


He saw the beast coming closer and closer as it opened its mouth and ran towards the train at full speed. Another forty meters, thirty, twenty, ten … Rolf ran outside to save the man who was still there.


When he came out he shouted: WATCH OUT !!!

The man turned and uttered a cry of fear when he saw the arachnia coming. Rolf put himself before him with his arms protecting the man and squeezed his eyes. He did one last shot of prayer before he would be devoured.




Rolf thought to himself that the end was postponed for a long time. At that moment he heard the rattling sound of a horn and he opened his eyes. he saw a jeep approaching behind the beast and when he looked better he saw written on the side in blue letters: Scotland Yard. His heart jumped up when he saw who was in the car; his best friend James.


Dazed, the beast turned around and focused on the car. At that moment many things happened at once. Rolf helped the man back in the train and looked back again. The Arachnia had directed fully focus on the car and Rolf rushed back outside to help his friend. 


He did not realize that the door was damaged and in his speed he broke a lever and rushed out. He apparently did not realize that he had something in his hand. Blinded by anger, because his best friend was under attack, he ran like a savage towards the beast and tried to get his attention. The Arachnia slapped with his paws and hit Rolf, who was thrown through the tunnel and came to the wall of the tunnel with a smack. 


"No !!" exclaimed James. He ran to his best friend while the rest turned to the arachnia. When he arrived at Rolf he started talking to him, but he immediately saw that he was unconscious. He did not react at all and so James placed his fingers in his neck. He did not feel a beat and knew immediately that Rolf’s heart stopped beating. Around him everyone was yelling and screaming, but James did not hear this. 


"NO!" he cried. “Rolf !! Desperately, he began to resuscitate Rolf. He heard an unnatural, shrieking scream behind him, but did not respond. Other people stood around them, but James only paid attention to his best friend. 


He did not realize that the arachnia had been defeated by now, he was too busy trying to resuscitate his friend. Along all sides were people in tears now watching the scene. 


"James, he is no longer there" A doctor, who was also on the train, said with a trembling voice. 


James could not restrain his tears and he threw himself over Rolf's body. He began to weep hysterically. His best friend he had met here, he was gone. He did not know what to do. After all those years he had become so accustomed to Rolf's presence, and that was now taken away from him. As if his body were torn in two, or so he felt. Empty and exhausted. 





"One year later." 


James was resting with his head on his hands, waiting for the train on a bench in the station. The tragic event in which he had lost his best friend was still burned on his retina a year later. thought he would probably never be able to forget those images again. The train ride to his work would probably never be the same again. He had not even had the guts to get on the train in the first few months, but thanks to Beth, the woman who had supported him in his loss of Rolf, but she herself also needed support because she had also been present at the incident and had lost a couple of friends to. Since then she has become a very good friend of James and he was grateful that he had her. 

The tunnel where the incident had taken place was definitively closed and now the train took a different route. That comforted James because he had the idea that he could not bear to be confronted every day with the place where he had lost Rolf. 


A while later, he was on his way to work in the train. Two stations after he had stepped up, Beth joined him and took a seat in front of James. She was now in the place where Rolf had always been, James had been standing on that. Even though Beth had immediately said that she did not want James to see her as a replacement for Rolf, James had told her he would never do so. 


Eventually the train arrived at Fort Augustus where Rolf always got on and there the train halted a while and one minute of silence was held for a man who had perseverance and strength. And no fear of protecting his friends. James got tears in his eyes, something that Beth had seen too and she sat down beside him and hugged him intimately. "Let them flow, he was your best friend and you have been sitting together for thirteen years on the same train, in the same car, and on the same benches. So it's not abnormal that you can not forget it.” Beth whispered in his ear. "Thank you for your support ... for everything.” James sobbed. 


When they let each other go, James looked out the window and saw a bench standing on the platform. "Once we see each other again," said James softly, and as the train rode on, he kept staring at the bench until it had disappeared.

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