Life and Death

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Is death so cruel? Why do the living have to go through it? Questions we ask when tragedy strikes or we lose a loved one. Personify death and ask him his motives. Here is a take on why.

Submitted: July 21, 2018

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Submitted: July 21, 2018



Why do we breathe, then die? 

Why do we live, then lie? 

Why do we get to feel the cool breeze on our faces,

Then put down to our Graves in laces? 

We love another, and like a dove, 

The other flies away. 

Why does Death hate Life?

Why must he end it with the cold blade of his knife?

You would think he does it to cause us pain,

But the truth is he too has a love too hard to contain.

Life is so beautiful, Death must always be around. 

He awaits patiently for our end to be found.

Death swoops in before we fall through the ground,

And wraps us in a cool blanket of numb. 

Nothing is painful, not even a prick to the thumb. 

This is why I say Life needs Death,

Because Death loves Life. 

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