Remorseless (Rechained)

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I wrote this, in 2018. It's part of my 10th poem set, Remembering Relapse.

Submitted: July 21, 2018

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Submitted: July 21, 2018



Many, more, lonely, nights, where, no one, was, by, my, side.

Many, tears, I've cried, many, years, I've contemplated, dying.

Sometimes, I, still, wonder, why, this, was, the way, it, had to, unwind.

I've had, enough, of, fighting, this, I'm, choosing to, coincide, with, it.

Words, that, I, wish, to hear, will be, spoken, once, I'm, no longer, here.

Maybe, I'm, just, meant, to be, some kind, of, catalyst, or martyr.

I saw, it, within, visions, and memories, unfolding, and unraveling, my, story.

Showing, me, that, at, the cost, of, my, own, I'll, help, others, to be, happy.

Complete, happiness, is, never, going to, happen, for, me, again.

My, being, is, collapsing, as, time, is, elapsing, and, I, feel, my, deathly, ascension, is, nigh.

This time, I, don't, want, a chance, to be, revived, because, I, don't, want, to be, awake, asleep, or alive.

I, internally, died, a long, time, ago, all, of, this, has, just, been, closure, for, my, ghost.

All, of, these, thoughts, in, my, head, they are, no longer, doubts.

I know, the presence, that, keeps, me, bound, I, discovered, it, when, I, was, young.

It is, the curse, of, the unloved, I, wanted, to believe, it, wasn't, the truth.

I, wanted, to be, wrong, but, I, was, right, all, along.

I'm, rechained, and restrained, like, before, but, this time, I'm, encased, in, fire, that's, surrounded, by, ice.

It seems, these traps, are forever, remorseless, and relentless.

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