Heritage of Hate

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Submitted: July 21, 2018

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Submitted: July 21, 2018



It's not hate, it's heritage is what I hear you say.
It's a heritage of hate that should fade away.
A hundred fifty-three long years past,
how long will this supremacy mentality last?
How long will that battle flag so shamelessly wave,
a ridiculous arrogance of generations depraved?
Duped and conned into living in outrageous fear
of people with dark skin for many, many years;
to be highly suspicious of their intentions,
and apprehensive of their leadership accension.
So you try to take away their  spirit and opportunities,
but, like a phoenix from the ashes, they rise beautifully.
Seeing their success, you think should take credit,
or you see it as a trend and you want to steal it;
claiming originality, thinking you're so cool,
but appropriation has you appropriately looking like a fool.
Do you really have the stomach to turn a blind eye,
or have the gall to vehemently deny
the obvious injustices taking place all around
to men, women, and children; black and brown?
All to maintain what's left of a superiority complex
challenged since the days of King and Malcolm X.
All you gain is ego from this backwards state of mind;
an ego that can only be stroked from being vile and unkind.
But really, we're all just trying to live and get by.
In this crazy world, we should be each other's ally;
teaching and learning thatno one's worth is lesser,
that when we come together, the world will be better.


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