A Sprinkle of Autumn

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Fall is the most flavorful seasoning

Submitted: July 22, 2018

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Submitted: July 21, 2018



This is place that I can call home, filled with nature’s beauty that is forever prolonged.


The trees stand tall glowing, brown, orange, and red, without green but yellow instead. 


The wind blows steadily recognizing me, showing the movement of a squirrel's fur when asleep. 


The leaves fall from the trees as if it were the last breath of their lives. Landing like it was grateful to have ever had its time. 


Gracefully tangling with the wind passing my face slowly, The sun just barely shines on it allowing it to rest fully. 


The ground filled with many many, and many more. The trees can feel their weight all the way down to their core. 


The grass light brown and rustled, rearranging, for the people who have now and forever stopped aging. 


the grave of the warriors who protect all year long. We prepared chanting happily or is it a sad song.


Grateful is the grass for being shaded on the hottest days. Now slowly browning enjoying the crunch of this phase


The rocks laugh at each other in moss colored lime And now carries all the weight of time.


The birds sing while flying by waving to the grass and trees. The wind chuckles shaking the trees waking the bees.


These trees are givers that That have aged and are becoming old. Each gaining a mark with a permanent carving a type of gold. Gold that isn’t something to just hold but is a reward for completing a mission that was once told. 


The trees are silent and wait patiently for gods word and then some. Serving their purpose until yet another fall to come.



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