Your Inner Strength

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

You can either stay here and do nothing, or you can go out there, and do everything.

Submitted: July 21, 2018

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Submitted: July 21, 2018



Here you are.

All alone, sitting beside this lake.

This blue and grey lake, that sits still,

Devoid of life, and stripped of excitement.

You sit here, gazing soullessly at the water,

As if you and it were one of the same.


Both of you have been rejected,

Tossed out, and disgruntled.

Replaced with another,

Shunned away,

Hated upon.

Even though you never did anything wrong.

That is why you sit here, longingly.

If the rest of the world doesn’t want you,

Then perhaps this lake will.


The dark green grass flows around you, and the sun sets in the far off distance.

Plunging the city ahead, your home,

Into darkness.

You sit here, and loathe yourself,

For being different.

For taking a path in which no one would value you,

And no one would love you.

Loathe them, for being the ones to take away any reason, or chance, for your happiness,

Simply because of what you possess.


You have nothing now.

You used to have it all.

You were an infant of the utmost power.

Anyone would listen to you,

And anyone would love you.

That was until, you found your ability.

The ability, that no one knew about.

And because of this, lack of knowledge, they threw you away,

Called you a fake, a misused child.

All you have now, is the clothes that cling to your skin,

And the ability.

That sits dormant in your breast,

Awaiting the opportunity to finally wake up,

To be released.


Do you realize, what’s really going on?

They are dying out there, in that city, in this world.

The ones you used to call family are now tyrants,

Forcefully making this planet into their own.

They have powers only they understand,

Only them, and you.

You know them,

Know them like no one else can.

And you can stop them.


You have the ability within you, it’s there.

You have the passion to right the wrong, you do.

You have the key to unlock the freedom that this world,

So desperately desires.

Desires, so rightly, or wrongly.


Does this world deserve the chance to be saved?

Has it given off what it wants back?

Has Humanity harmonized in a way that,

When in a time of repair,

Is allowed for it?

Or is this planet earth,

Finally at its last moments?
A death too long in the waiting?

That is your decision.


You have the power, the ability,

To make the difference,

Everyone wants.

Do you want it?

Are you willing to help them,

When they never helped you?

Can you show them, what you are really capable of?


This world is not full of hate.

In the deepest, most hidden corners,

Are the ones who will help you.


You sit here, crying in disbelief.

Convinced that there is no possible solution you can accomplish.

Yet I believe otherwise.

I believe you can stand back up, through all the pain and torment,

And be the hero they need.

What they don’t deserve,

But what they need.


You can cross this lake, and become what it could never.

Revive your lost fame, and extend your arm,

To the people who will help you.

And in this dark, and harmful world,

you can find,

Your inner strength.


© Copyright 2020 Curonn. All rights reserved.

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