Friend finds my wife's pretty feet irresistible

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While we play a video game on the sofa, my friend takes notice of my wife's pretty size 6 feet.

Once I was sitting on the couch in our apartment with my wife and a friend of mine. I was in the middle, and we were playing an interactive TV game, so we all had to be able to see the TV which is why we were crowded on the sofa. We were having some drinks, too, sitting in front of us on a coffee table which ran the length of the couch. Getting comfortable and wanting her body to point toward the direction of the TV, my wife turned, laying her back against the arm rest, with her bare naked feet on my thighs.

Her feet are a size 6 with toes that descend across at such a perfect angle that you could put a ruler across her round toe tips. She has nice deep nail beds and her tiny toes were painted a man-attracting hot pink. She had been doing some yoga that particular day and so had some foot jewellery strapped around her lovely ankles and adorning the tops of her feet with beads and flowers ending with ribbon gently wrapped around her dainty second toes. I put my hand across her feet and then slid my fingers under the nice high arch of her right foot. When my friend wasn't looking I cupped her toes and slid my fingers along her soles feeling their perfection with absolutely not a single bit of dry skin, just sexy softness. I cupped and released her smooth thin heel while my friend glanced down at my fun.

When my friend wasn't playing, I kept noticing him glancing at my wife's feet too. While he was playing I would touch her feet and actually push them forward higher on my left thigh and closer to him just to see his reaction. As a foot guy, I know there are millions and millions of us hiding our foot love, so trying to expose a foot lover was a bit of a hobby of mine. Like most women, my wife had no foot awareness so foot fun was just being interpreted as playful teasing.

Her toes were now very close to his thighs, peeking out over my leg her arches now right on top of my thighs. I could see him moving his right thigh closer to her exposed pink toes, making contact and then moving his thigh back. Several times when he got up to get a drink he brushed his hand across her toes which gave me a huge lump in my throat and made me very horny. Eventually, my wife's knees were bothering her, so she stretched her legs out. Now her feet were across his thighs and her knees over my lap. She said, "Sorry Ralph, I had to stretch." But as she was going to move them back he held them in place and told it it was fine. Relaxing now, she crossed her feet at the ankle and in a welcoming way he casually put his right hand over her top foot and began rubbing her arch with his thumb.

It was my turn while this was going on so I couldn't fully watch, just glances from of my peripheral vision as I tried hopelessly to concentrate on the game. When my turn ended, it was the wife's turn. Ralph had to get up and doing so he hugged her feet tightly to his chest as he began to get up with what I suspect was a hard-on. He turned and placed her feet gently on his seat on the sofa before he went to the bathroom.

After returning from the bathroom, I could see my buddy enter the room with his eyes happily glued on her feet which were right where he had left them. When she noticed him about to take his seat she pulled her feet back to give him room to sit.

As she positioned her feet back on my thighs again, I cupped her right heel and pushed it up so her toes began sliding towards my friend. Now familiar with being allowed to touch Michelle's little feet, he lovingly held her right foot and guided it to rest once again on his legs. He didn't remove his hand either and wrapped his palm around her toes - making them disappear - and was stroking her undertoes with his fingers.

She let him play with her foot for a few minutes, but pulled her right foot back shyly thinking these two men were having a little too much fun with her feet I suppose. Nothing was ever uttered about the incident. We all just acted like it was just something casual for her pleasure alone.

Anyway, as we got a little drunker, he asked about her toenail color. She flirtingly pointed her toes towards him, and he touched them and guided the tiny foot to his face to get a better look at the sparkly toes. I began tickling her other foot slowly, and so he began tickling her right foot. Suddenly my drunken friend reached down with his mouth, and bit the tip of her big toe playfully between his teeth while we continued tickling her. She pulled her toe out of his mouth and began squirming and twisting.

We released her just seconds later, and then she got up as it was her turn to go to the bathroom. The evening ended soon after but it is burned forever in my memory.

Hope you enjoyed it. Here is a picture with the exact foot jewellery I was talking about.

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