Azure Of the Scarlet

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People are killing people. They are wolf in sheep's clothing. They are sinking their stinky, sharp teeth to lure their targets. Their words coated with sweets I couldn't take. It makes me wanna
puke. How poor those children are, they are swimming to the sea of blood. For their innocent eyes witnessing such bloody scene, they don't deserve to live in this Era. I wish they could live in a
time where they could only see an azure sea and not a scarlet sea. This world is rotten. Crimes are all over this world. Shedding blood indeed is inevitable. There are many beasts out there who
seek for their own luxury. But then, I wasn't even sure if it is luxury or they just want to satisfy their own selfish needs. I could say: This world will end soon. There is no place where peace is
present anymore; it's all on the fire of chaos------

I stopped reading.

"If you travel around, you would find a place where peace is on your sight. Don't just focus of the other side of our world." I whispered as I am closing the book.

I looked carefully at the book I am holding. It is dark colored and embedded with golden marks at the sides of it. With a red colored ink, the title was wrote - 'The scarlet sea of world'.

Scarlet is a color that is brighter than red, and the meaning of the title is bloodier than blood. Many souls were taken leaving only the cold corpses and the sea of blood that the dead shed.

I let out a heavy sigh. This book sure has a dark atmosphere in it. But every word that the author said was accurately hit the bull's eye. It all makes sense, but I do believe that the world I am
leaving right now is not the same as the author's description.

I am seeing azure sky that is reflecting to the sea. It is good in my sight and is giving me comfortable feelings. In my own opinion----- where you could even see a world without crime? Euphoria is
real, but no matter how happy you are, it will never last forever. In this world we live in, there's no such thing as perfect. No matter where you look, there is no permanent in this world. You
just have to look to the side where you could accept everything. Indeed, there are people who would break the line for their own sake. How shameless and unreasonable they are?

I suddenly felt a little tired and without realizing it, the images in front of me getting blurry and vanishing little by little. My consciousness is fading away and my eyes are closing. They are
feeling heavy that I couldn't help but to close it. The next thing I knew was everything went black

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Chapter 1: Separate

Submitted: July 22, 2018

I woke up from the noises outside my room. It is still dark and all but what is happening? I tried to open my eyes but all I could mana... Read Chapter

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