The Figure Hanging There.

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This story came to me of an experience I had with a priest on the bus. He was telling me all about the New Testament, but when I started telling him about the Old Testament, he didn't want to know.

Submitted: July 22, 2018

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Submitted: July 22, 2018



The priest and I walked up the isle, then we stopped, and looked up at the figure hanging there. ''Who's that then?'' I asked him.
''That is Our Lord!'' He told me.
''Could you explain some more to me because I thought that the God of Israel was called 'Lord.'
''This one has taken his place.'' He said. ''He has taken all our iniquities upon himself.''
''Tha's a big task, isn't it. Did he create everything we see?''
''Yes, I'm afraid so. He was there at the very beginning.'' The priest told me.
''I've read somewhere that there was none with the God of Israel when he was creating.'' I told him.
''Everyone has their own interpretation of what actually took place.'''He siad.
''Some beautiful buildings were made for him, well, for you people to worship him. Why are they now breaking them down?''
''Many people have turned away, a new way of life seems to take hold.'' He pushed up his face a bit.
''That's a pity, they should have stayed steadfast, especially if they know it's true.'' I turned to him. ''You know, I myself, I do not like idols and images. Do you know that the God of Israel is the same?''
''WE study more of the New Testament than of the Old. God the Creator, we do take serious, but his prophet Jesus, came to the earth, lived amongst us for three and a half years, and then went back to heaven. He will return sometime later.'' The priest was serious.
''I heard he was a right old one, breaking the Sabbath day, and teaching the people in parables, and beating the people wuth whips. How do you explain that, when God said to speak plainly so that the people could understand?''

The priest looked up at the figure, then back to me. ''You're right that he spoke in parables but prophets has that way of doing so, they want to make it easy for the people, telling them stories. Later, Jesus did speak plainly to his disciples.''
''But he had his disciples many times not understanding what he was talking about.'' I said to the priest. '' Do you actually believe  that he rose from the dead?''
''I would not be a priest, if I didn't believe in the Resurrection.''
''What proof have you got. No one was there to actually see it.'' I said.
''You know, Peter stood up against the priests and the Elders in Jerusalem, and telling them that they turned Jesus over to be killed, but God raised him from the dead.'' The priest said.
''I don't know much about the ancient Jewish way of life, is it not possible that 'raise from the dead' could mean something else?''
''No, my lad,'' the priest said. ''It means that Jesus came out the grave with a heavenly body.''
''Wow! Really? That's fantastic!. Do you believe he'll come back?''
''Yes, I do belive he'll come back just like he said.''
''Would you believe that I am He?''
''Don't talk foolish,'' the priest said.
''To show you what I mean,'' I looked up at the figure, and said, ''away with you!'' the figure came crashing down upon the altar.

The End.


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