What I Forgot

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Submitted: July 22, 2018

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Submitted: July 22, 2018



What I Forgot
By Rozi Benbo Pearson

I remember- it seems like yesterday, 
though I know it's been awhile,
Holding you for the first time
And gazing at your smile.

My love for you overwhelmed me
You took my breath away,
And I swore that I'd protect you
Forever, come what may.

I remember your first day of school
You were so excited to go!
I struggled to hold my tears inside,
I tried not to let them show.

Your school years flew so quickly
In a blur of triumphs and fears.
I celebrated your accomplishments
And dried your many tears.

I remember, on your wedding day
You were such a beautiful bride!
As you kissed your groom and smiled at me
My heart swelled up with pride.

What amazing friends we became,
My precious daughter and I,
As you placed your baby in my arms,
I couldn't help it, I cried.

I remember, when your daddy died,
You held me close and tight,
You gently wiped my tears and whispered,
"We will be alright."

You asked me to move in with you,
You brought me home to stay.
I couldn't express my gratitude-
There were no words to say.

I remember so many things!
My life's been entwined in yours.
But now I sit in this empty room
Just staring at the door.

The stranger came again today. 
How dare she pretend to be you?!
Does she think that she can take your place? 
Does she think I am a fool?

She brought her noisy children,
They even called me Grandma!
And imagine my disdain and shock when she said,
"I love you, Mama."

I remember you used to call me that,
From the time that you could speak.
The way the stranger sounded like you,
Well, it almost made me weak.

I miss you so, my darling girl.
Come and visit sometime soon.
Perhaps next time I'll recognize
The stranger in my room.

© Copyright 2018 Rozi Benbo Pearson. All rights reserved.

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