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Ooo Greek fisherman boy Antony

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…With respect and love to “Halikarnas BALIKÇISI”

Submitted: July 22, 2018

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Submitted: July 22, 2018



Ooo Greek fisherman boy Antony how lovely your love was…

 How you loved her with all your heart.

 That heart was the loving one that is a huge valley for her to live in.

 A huge heart full of passion, full with her, Maria.


Ooo fisherman boy Antony of the seas how you love the sea

That sea is your home to live

How you dive to her deep blue as if you look at her eyes

Huge blue-grey eyes of Maria.


Ooo boy Antony that you don’t care about money

That you’re young enough to refuse all

Refuse all the gold for one strand of her hair

Huge love for the treasures of sponges was only for her love, Maria


Ooo Greek fisherman boy Antony you live in the island of Aegean sea

That island your love be

In the colours of orange, yellow and red the moon of Summer

Huge full moon of your hearts with you and Maria must be.


Ooo fisherman boy Antony the age was after the war of second

The age of poverty

With all sorrow of poor life, you bring joy somehow

That your huge fortune was your love to Maria, sure are we.


Ooo boy Antony you got your first sponges out of the beloved sea

That sea your love be

In the purple dreams, you see under the sea, where it gives what you desire

That huge sea is your Maria, your beloved's image it must be


Ooo Antony how you proud your father be

When you stepped out of the sea

That all the village after you dancing arms on the shoulder that day

That huge day fisherman boy became a man for Maria’s love deserve he will be


Ooo Greek fisherman boy Antony everyone’s love for you to be

Your people love you deeply

That you belong to the sea, with a girl’s heart with you always be

That huge heart of Maria and yours always will live in this poem, you’ll see.


…With respect and love to “Halikarnas BALIKÇISI”






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