Her Ring Box

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All he wanted was to get the ring to his girlfriend.

Submitted: July 22, 2018

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Submitted: July 22, 2018



They always say your life flashes before your eyes when you think you’re about to die, this wasn’t the case for John Weston. All he could think of was his beautiful girlfriend, Mia.

The car had crashed through the steel barrier, shattering the windshield though not breaking it entirely. Before John could process what was happening, he saw the river below approaching him.

The impact had sent his neck whipping forward and back like the string of a slingshot. The airbag pinned him against the seat and he heard his nose crack and felt the blood pour from it, or was it water?

He shoved the bag out of his way. Water was filling the car; his window was open slightly and the water was gushing onto his lap and around his feet.

John fumbled with the seatbelt before it became submerged. It wouldn’t release him. He yanked and yanked, straining as he did so. Looking around for anything he could use, he remembered the ring box in his pocket. Pulling it out with one hand, he smashed it against the seatbelt lock. It was becoming harder to generate any force; the car was filling too quickly.

It was meant for her. For Mia. John was crossing the bridge that led to the city. He planned to do it on top of the tower that night. He had it all planned, the dinner, the music, their life.

The box was hanging by its hinge. With one last pull, he ripped the lock away. He knew he shouldn’t, but he took the time to make sure the ring was still there. Once he saw it, he closed the box and held it in a vice-like grip in his hand.

He inhaled and felt the cold hard rush of water down his throat. Coughing and gagging, John thrust his head against the roof of the car, trying to suck in one more breath. He got one before he was completely covered.

Looking around the submerged car, he saw no easy way out. The door would not open no matter how hard he punched and kicked.

He saw the windshield, the cracked windshield. Placing both hands to his side, he lifted himself forward and kicked with both feet. The windshield was knocked but did not come away. He did it again, and again, and again.

The last one did it.

It was hard to see. Everything seemed to be doubled, like when you spin around in a chair for a while then try and walk forward. John reached out for anything to grip onto. With a hand on the frame of the windshield, he dragged his body out of the car. The other hand was occupied with the ring box.

John floated for a second in the open water. He saw the car continue to sink, surrounded by a haze of bubbles. A glance up at the surface revealed the light from the moon. He couldn’t even tell it was raining from beneath there.

It took all he had left to kick his legs. Slowly, he knew he was climbing. His arms felt dead, like the muscles themselves had corroded away.

John felt his legs fall away, die and rot right below him. He tried his best, but it was all in vain.

The ring box floated out of his hand. The ring, the beautiful diamond he had bought, reflected in the light.

He saw Mia’s face. That was the last image as he and the ring were dragged down into the depths.

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