The Black-Rose on Wonderland

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Submitted: July 22, 2018

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Submitted: July 22, 2018



Upon my travels

To Wonderland I have ventured

Once or thrice

Behind on moonlit wing.

A bland land of not much interest 

Were the sights of the first

On three and four 

There wasn’t much more.

But on return to Wonderland

We chance upon a world most strange

Of colours wrong

And sight unseemly.

A horrific view of gaudy gayness 

An offence to all visual sense.

A truly vile place

Preoccupied with pitiful proxy

Gambled daily.

A whimsical farce

In need of correct rule.

But commit no boots to ground shall I.

I wish the needles prick

Could conjure stir such cacophony 

Of tea-time terror

And a bloody Red Queen

A dour bitch

With an axe thirsting.

Perhaps I can feel it?

Doubt it.

Not even hookah drag

Reveal colours vivid.

My next trip to Wonderland will surely be my last

As the cure for Wonderland is winter nuclear 

With violet flames of gossamer finery.

No use for Wonderland

Madness enough without.

Fuck that fetid fever driven monstrosity 

May it all rot


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