Lois Lane Falls

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Submitted: July 22, 2018

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Submitted: July 22, 2018




Lois Lane slips from Tarzan’s arms  

Into the free falling of such gentle warmth

Caresses felt of a cerebral cortex dream weaver

Touch me softly, brown eyes see, echoes hear, make my heart a true believer

How did you get here

The storms, deep oceans, high seas, I never once veered

Superman enclose me in your red cape

Slip inside of me your super human strength, no escape

Among the galaxy allow flying emotions

The essence of my kryptonite your sinking devotion

Setting up for an ejecting upstage

Testosterone hungry upon a silken enclosed engage

White Flag surrendered scorching the mind

Northern pointed gravity of time

Lay me down, extend my hands above my head

Rose petals crushed upon a silk covered bed

Rubbing within the Jennie’s lamp for a blissful ride between thighs

Granted wishes of its enfolding wet surprise

Flames turned up, leads to a combustible implosion

Intimate anchoring diversion

A hard weapon firing into a deep ocean submersion

Sweetly worshipping my butter rum skin 

Kissing in harmony as I spread my wings 

An awaited sluggish dance for two begins

Enrapture of soul, captivated mind, Superman making my body sing

Daydreams of kissing the providence of reality, gently pulling my heartstrings

Melody of moans resonances two stalwart beings

Heart placed under lock and key

Breaking in the tight key hole as you’re taming the escaped passion coursing through me

Close my eyes desire rains contending

Superman’s elixir of love unending

Whispered a vow of apology with a kiss, sailing now on love reminisce

As you taste my dreams 

Please my desires, marinate in my lust, minds so serene

The S to the chest, cape bared to the bone

A hard weakening thrill to be under, for a Super Hero’s earthly song

The acclamation to glorify, to relish in the slip and the dip

Bliss for bliss from the ultimate emotional arrowing hit

A lover’s seductive tryst

The sentiments heard of eternity

Reaping the benefits of love’s serenity

A heart adorned with its fiery indemnities

Scorching feelings while soaring with Superman 

Desire and passion and the pursuit for which it stands


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