Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

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With the music of The Shirelles playing in their ears, a boy and girl join forces to take on the world.

Submitted: July 23, 2018

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Submitted: July 23, 2018



Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow…


Lufian sat at the base of a grassy hill. The boy hung his head. Wind ruffled his black hair. In the near distance, over the hill behind him, he could hear shouting and hollering, clangs of swords, but he ignored it. After all, he’d had just about enough traversing through the forest to get there. He looked to the tree-line with a bruised, swollen right eye. His bottom lip busted, and blood glimmered from the noon sun.

Hey, boy,” a voice said loudly, tone-deaf, “you need a hand?”

Lufian shyly glanced to his left and noticed an extended palm in his face. He followed the arm up to, what appeared to be, a pretty little angel. Her curly blond hair was vibrant. Sunlight traced her outline, giving her an omnipotent aura. “Who are you?” Lufian asked.

“Sorry…” The petite girl pressed a button on her i-Phone and plucked out the earplugs. “What’d ya say?”

“Who are you?” Lufian asked with a gruff voice.

The young girl didn’t appear bothered by his rude tone. A half-cocked smirk appeared on her doll face. She reached over her shoulder and removed a longsword from the sheath strapped to her back. The weapon was as big as her. She took a valiant pose. “I’m Ceri. And, I want to get to the top of these rolling hills.”

“Everyone is trying to get to the top,” Lufian rubbed his tired eyes, “and I hear some don’t even like it when they’re there.”

“Because they put all their hopes and dreams on the destination,” Ceri chirped, “but overlook the journey.”

Lufian scrunched his brows at her spry nature. “It’s not worth it.”

“Is it not worth it,” Ceri asked, “or is it too hard?”

Lufian scowled but kept his thoughts to himself.

“Come on,” Ceri spoke excitedly. “We’ll help each other out.”

“Why me, huh? Can’t you see me?” Lufian’s pitch heightened with anger. He motioned to his mangled face. “I was broken before the battle began. All I’ll do is bring ya down.”

“Maybe. But…” Ceri plugged her left ear and handed the other earplug to Lufian. “Here! Life is a dance and I need a partner. Will you dance with me?”

Lufian weighed his options with a tilt of the head. He then turned to the weapon beside him, the jagged wooden handle of a broken club. “I don’t have a weapon.”

Ceri huffed, rolled her eyes. She stabbed her longsword into the ground and withdrew two daggers from the band of her long white dress. She gave them to Lufian. “Now… you don’t have an excuse.”

“Fine…” Lufian snatched the daggers and stood to his feet.

“And…” Ceri passed him the right earplug to her i-Phone. “…don’t let it fall out.”

Lufian looked at her cockeyed. “Why?”

“Because I want you by my side, silly.” Ceri showed a genuine smile, which made Lufian’s heart skip a beat. “If it falls out that means you’re too far away.”

Lufian mirrored Ceri’s beam. “What are we listening to?”

“The Shirelles…” Ceri shuffled through songs on her i-Phone. “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?”

Lufian arched a brow. “Will you still love me tomorrow?”

“Only time will tell,” Ceri answered as though he were asking her.

“Wait. I—” Lufian stopped himself. “Do you know what’s in store? I don’t think a love song is what we need.”

“Love conquers all, my parents say.” Ceri snatched the earplug from him and pushed it in Lufian’s ear herself. “You ready now?”

Lufian half-shrugged, half-nodded.

With her longsword sheathed over her back, Ceri held Lufian’s hand while pressing play on the i-Phone. “Here we go…”

Tonight you're mine…


You give your love…

so sweetly

The song played in their ears as they rushed up the rolling hill, hand in hand. They giggled, skipped, and lived in the moment together. With each step up the incline, the sun dipped lower and the children began to age: Lufian’s shoulders broadened, a few hairs sprouted on his chin. Ceri’s legs stretched out from under the flowing dress, turning the wardrobe into a knee-high. Her curly blonde hair bounced with volume.


the light…

of love is in your eyes

But will you love me…


Once atop the hill, the teenagers gazed over the flat terrain below. The dusk sun turned the skies red as if reflecting the spilt blood on the battlefield. Warriors fought in the belly of the valley, taking up every inch of land. Their battle cries, however, drowned by the sweet melody in the couple’s ears.

Ceri aimed her finger over the battlefield, to a higher hill just beyond. “That’s our destination. Can we make it?”

Lufian replied only with a warm smile.

“Together then…” Ceri squeezed his hand tighter and pecked him on the cheek. “…we can conquer the world.”

Is this a lasting…


Or just a moment's…


Can I..


the magic of your sighs

Will you still love me…


As the teenagers raced down the hill with a youthful exuberance, they aged further into adulthood: a nicely cropped black beard appeared on Lufian’s face. His posture straightened. Muscles bulged from underneath his white tee. Ceri’s breasts filled out the top of her dress, her arms became toned.

The adults danced into the cavalcade of carnage, side by side, performing a ballet of death: Adultery tried to attack Lufian in her short skimpy skirt, but Ceri slashed and sliced the threat away. Unemployment swung his hefty axe, but Lufian intercepted the blow, catching the blade between his daggers. He pushed the giant’s weapon away, and before Unemployment could strike again, Lufian stabbed upward through the adversary’s chin.

The couple chopped each enemy down. Detached arms spiraled through the air, still gripped to their weapons. Intestines squirmed on the dirt like a thousand giant worms. Pain-shrieking howls blended into one jumbled chorus over the open field.

Lufian caught eyes with Ceri. They clasped hands and spun in a circle as the battle raged on around them. They laughed and twirled. The cord from their earplugs stretched but never popped out. Blood showered their faces from nearby kills, but they continued dancing with merriment in the red rain. Finally, they tripped and collapsed to the battle-soaked ground. Ceri fell on top and pinned Lufian down. They came nose to nose. Their laughter faded into something serious. They gazed deeply into one another’s eyes and shared a kiss while the world fought around them.

Tonight with words…


You said that I'm the only one

But will my heart…

be broken

A sword punctured the soil near the couple’s heads, which broke their kiss. They both trailed the blade to a big beast standing over them—Stress. It had a wolf’s head with the body of a man.

When the night (when the night)

Lufian rolled Ceri off, but before he could retrieve his weapon, Stress leaned down and bit into Lufian’s shoulder. The beast pulled his head back, tearing flesh away. Lufian growled and put pressure on the gruesome wound.

Meets the morning (meets the morning)… sun

Ceri attacked from behind Stress and chopped his head cleanly off. The sharp blade sliced straight through bone, cartilage, and tissue. The headless body crumpled to the ground. The severed head rolled against her shoe. She then turned her attention on her injured love. “Are you okay?” she asked.

“It’s only a flesh wound,” Lufian joked through a grimace. The crimson life source trickled through his fingers and stained the shoulder of his white tee. He looked ahead, through the fighting bodies. The hill wasn’t far. A hand clasped his bearded chin and turned his sight back. He came face to face with Ceri. Calmness swept over him as he peered into her doe-eyes. “We’re almost th—”

A blade tore through Ceri’s back, past her lungs, and out her stomach. The sharp tip cut Lufian’s shirt and scratched his belly. Ceri let out a cry. Once the blade retracted, she spun around.

Disease stood in front of her, wrapped from head to toe like a mummy. His linen bandages flapped in the wind.

With blood pouring from her abdomen and back, Ceri lunged and drove her longsword into Disease’s jugular. She yelled into the nemesis’ face, scaring the soul out of his body. As the corpse fell from Ceri’s blade so did she, back into Lufian’s arms.

“Oh, no, no, no.” Lufian rocked with her in his lap. “We’re almost there.”

I'll like to know…

that your love...

Is a love I can be…

sure of

So tell…

me now…

and I won't ask again

Will you still love me…


The battle had taken its toll, but they continued while the music played in their ears. Sheer blackness covered the skies briefly before stars dotted the space. The full moon cast its spotlight upon the couple. Once again, they aged: Ceri’s blonde locks thinned and turned grey. Lufian became bald. Blood accentuated the wrinkles on their faces. Varicose veins appeared in their legs, gnarled veins in their hands. Elderly and weak, Lufian started up the hill with Ceri in his arms. She was a bloody mess, her white dress drenched red.

“Don’t you leave me…” Lufian kept his misty eyes on the prize, the top. “We’re gonna make it together.”

Will you still love me…


Bankruptcy, dressed in a fine suit and tie, jumped out and speared Lufian in the lower back. He faltered but continued carrying Ceri up the steep incline. Addiction, in dirty rags, sliced at Lufian’s arms with a shank, but Lufian didn’t drop her. He hugged Ceri tightly and carried her to the top, their resting spot. He collapsed in a heap with her still cradled against his blood-soaked chest.

Will you still love me…


From the couple’s new vantage point, there was an endless expanse of rolling hills, countless valleys with battles still raging on. It stretched as far as the eye could see.

“You were right…” With Ceri propped against his shoulder, Lufian softly rocked. “…there is no end. No destination. You overlook the journey, you overlook life.”

Will you still love me…


Ceri didn’t respond. Instead, she turned to where their story began, in the far distance, over the battlefield, on a small hill, they climbed together as kids.

“Hope it was…” Ceri said in a scratchy weak voice. “…fun for you.”

“I uh…” Lufian’s chin trembled. He swallowed the grief. The dawn sun peeked over the horizon, pouring a golden luminescence over the new day. The light sparkled in Lufian's watery eyes. “I couldn’t have asked for a better dance partner.”


the light…

of love is in your eyes

But will you love me…



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