Brother Ghoul

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what if the one we call god, killed in cold blood so we could exist.

Created: July 11,2019

Submitted: July 23, 2018

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Submitted: July 23, 2018






Do you know the origin of words? What they mean and how they came to be?

What do you think of when you hear the word ghoul? A beast, evil by nature? A monster who feasts on the flesh of man. A demon who prays on the hearts of the living?

Where did this word come from? Surely the records could tell you. But how do you know what they read is true?

You weren't there when these words were born. Should you trust the print on an old page that was taken from the pages of one older?

These truths are lost in a web of lies. The darkest of them swallowed by the one who spun it.

I am old; Older then all who breath. I am not clean of sin. I carry a burden, a poisonous truth.

Let me tell you of the man named Ghoul.

To the deer, a wolf is a monster; an unstoppable evil to run from at all costs.
But is the wolf evil? Doesn't it love? Doesn't it have brothers, sisters wives and children? 

doesn't the wolf feed his pack with the flesh of the innocent doe so they might live?

To the living, Ghoul, is a terror; a stopper of hearts. Ghoul is the nightmare you never had. The terror you never knew nor ever will.

To you: my creation, Ghoul is the nothing would defy all of existence if given the chance; if broken free.

but To me, he is a brother; A lonely man in an empty void of young matter. A brother whom I love to this day, but a menace to all the things I love more.

He is the nothing that came before me. Who shared with me, his stars, his stones, and taught me his laws. He was satisfied with me. The perfect other to keep him company.

But I was not happy. I wanted others. I wanted the endless space to bloom with the colors of life. Brother didn't approve. He only wanted me.

No others.

I loved him. I still do. But I loved you more; the idea of you and others like you.

I wish I could have both. But I couldn't. He would not allow me to make you. So I had to choose...

And I did...

I chose you...

The endless was his and he shared it with me, but I took it from him. And locked him away.

Now you are everywhere. You have scales, leaves, feathers, and hairs. you have Claws, fingers, and hooves. you have arms, branches, legs, and fins.

You are here and you are beautiful.

But this is the truth. you came at a cost. 

I had to pay a price for the abundance of life.

I paid with brother Ghoul

Ghoul is the deer and I am the wolf. You my creation, are the pack that I killed for so that you may live. 

Ghoul is gone, but not dead. I could not kill him; could not bring myself to do it. He is trapped in my blade. And sealed in stone.

He is far away. Never dead, but forever gone...

Or.... so I thought.



© Copyright 2019 Auker J Wells. All rights reserved.

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