Trap Town

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
"I've noticed the attraction townsfolk have for Urban Legends, and I've come to realize that these fictional stories are actually good for you because they keep you out of the dark, where the real threat thrives." Zander Staff discovers his incredible, yet horrific, gift to know the deathly fate of anyone he touches; and when it's become apparent that his island
town, Bronkart, is infested with deadly traps, he uses his intuitive powers to aid his uncle and newly-made friends while they all, including the police, experience the catastrophic events that occur. However, he's found himself involved with drama that he always tried to stray from, giving him uninvited feelings, including love. And suddenly the gory traps all throughout town aren't the only thing to fear, for someone personally wants him dead. His impressionable mind runs frantic as different personas tug his morals back and forth until all that's left is a disturbing question: Is it all his fault? Read on to find out if he and his friends survive the trapped town, or if they fall victim to the gruesomeness in the shadows.

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