Dressed In Black

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Death of love

Submitted: July 23, 2018

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Submitted: July 23, 2018



Red silk tie, black suit and can't stopl my heart beating in my chest.
Pick myself up again, guess somehow I still have some strength inside left.
Sun scorching down upon me, that's not what leaves the sweat dripping from my brow.

Standing there, apologizing to you about everything before but your face remains like stone.
Feel the shivers go down my spine, for a second I just see an image of you all bone.
The thought makes me scream, and I wake up in our bed all alone.

The nightmares come often, can't get that memory from replaying over and over in my head.
The outfit I wore, it wasn't to charm anyone it was for the mourning of the dead.
The black my misery, and the red for love instead.

There's often times many of us can't help but wonder why they had to die.
There's often a lot of pain we all carry inside, so just know it's okay to let it out.
There's too many times I've seen people broken, I'd rather see you make it out.

I'm dressed in black, but that doesn't change the fact that you'd want me to remember.
That even when everything is cold, that you'll love me forever, from December to December.
That you would want us to always do our best to be happy, so I'll just always have to live with you in my heart.

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