Hitler's Iron Cross

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - dinner conversations

Submitted: August 13, 2019

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Submitted: August 13, 2019



Chapter 13 – Dinner Conversations


Wilhelm had decided that this was going to be by far the worst dinner he had ever had. Not only did he now have to deal with Peter watching him closely from across the table, but he also had to deal with the none stop talking of Grandpa Henry. The elderly man did not seem to notice Wilhelm wasn’t paying attention to him.

It had only taken Grandma Racheal and his aunt a couple of minutes to prepare the rest of dinner. Meanwhile he had been ushered into his seat at the table by his uncle. The plate of food from earlier was still sitting on the table, untouched. But Wilhelm did not have the stomach to eat. Grandpa Henry had sat down next to him at the head of the table and had been talking ever since. Wilhelm had tried to concentrate on what the elderly man was talking about and asking him, but his brain was too overloaded.

Instead Wilhelm had sat stiffly in the wooden chair while Peter and Anna set the table around him. He felt awkward and in the way of everything, but he supposed that he should get used to it as it. Thankfully it wasn’t long before the table was set and dinner was on the table.

As the family took their seats at the table, Wilhelm found himself sitting across his cousins. He noticed that even though they were siblings, they looked nothing like each other. The only thing they had in common was their light brown hair. Peter looked at lot like his father with his blue eyes and muscular build, while Anna took after her mother with chocolate brown eyes and slender build. Wilhelm couldn’t help but think about what his sister would have looked like if she had lived to the end of the war. But quickly broke off those thoughts as he felt a pang of sadness. This was not the time to start feeling these emotions. He needed to be tougher, he had been trained to be tougher.

“Wilhelm,” his aunt’s voice broke through his thoughts, “We will say a word of thanks before we eat.”

She offered him a gentle smile before turning to her husband. “Would you mind dear?”

“I would love to,” Wilhelm’s uncle said and glanced around the table before bowing his head and saying, “Dear Lord, we thank you for this food…”

As his uncle continued with the prayer, Wilhelm was staring awkwardly around the table. Everyone had bowed their heads along with his uncle, so Wilhelm quickly followed suit

Though his parents had taken him and Emalia to church several times, it had never gone beyond that.

As his uncle finished the prayer, Wilhelm couldn’t help but glance up. He caught the blazing blue gaze of Peter. Both cousins glared at one another until everyone echoed the amen. Wilhelm had no idea why Peter seemed to hate him so much already, but he didn’t really care He figured that he would make more enemies then just his cousin.

The dinner consisted of fried chicken, dinner rolls, and seasoned potatoes. Wilhelm wanted to groan out loud when his uncle decided to serve him first. He noticed that after everyone had served themselves, they had much less on their plates then he had on his. Hungry though he was, Wilhelm was not sure he would have the stomach for the amount of food on his plate. Why couldn’t his uncle just treat him like everyone else?

“So Wilhelm, is there anything you would like to tell us about yourself?” his aunt asked when everyone had their dinner, “Or is there something we ought to know about you? We know very little about you. Only the bits of information in the letter we got.”

This was what Wilhelm had been dreading: questions. He used his fork to move around a potato praying that a distraction would come and the question be forgotten. But everyone just continued to look at him expectantly. Wilhelm wasn’t one to crack under pressure, but the awkwardness of it all was getting to him. He finally looked over at Peter and said icily,

“I think there is anything you would like to know about me.”

He hoped that his would push all the questions away from him, but it did not have the desired effect.

“Of course we want to know about you!” Racheal said ignoring the obvious coldness in Wilhelm’s voice, “Karl said he told you all about us on your way here. So it seems as though you have the unfair advantage.”

Not when you didn’t listen to a word of what was being said, Wilhelm thought frustrated, don’t you see that I don’t want to answer any of your stupid questions?

“Well, do you like sports?” This time is was Henry that asked the question, “Peter is a darn good batter on the youth baseball team here and Anna isn’t too bad at pitching if I say so myself.”

Wilhelm had no idea what on earth baseball was. He had heard some of the American soldiers talking about it once, but he hadn’t understood what it was.  

“I don’t play this,” Wilhelm said with a frown.

“Well then maybe tomorrow Peter could teach you how to play. It’s a ton of fun once you get the hang of it,” Wilhelm’s uncle said putting a piece of potato into his mouth.

Wilhelm just shrugged. He thought sports were a waste of time, no doubt he could come up with an excuse to get out of it.


The rest of dinner passed at a horribly slow pace for Wilhelm. He offered up no more information about himself, responding to his uncle’s question with a shrug or head shake. This led to many long pauses in conversation, but Wilhelm wasn’t too worried about it. Sooner or later they would get the hint and move the topic to something else. 

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