Beach Day

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Submitted: July 23, 2018

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Submitted: July 23, 2018



They said it would be fun

The sand, the water, the sun

Riding the surf, catching the waves

Building sand castles all day.


That’s not at all what it’s like.


Sand gets everywhere!

On your towel

In your bag

And in places it should NEVER be.


The water is cold -

Freezes you to the bone

And the salt sticks

In your hair and your eyes.


As for the sun,

I can’t get tan

I combust no matter how much sunscreen I apply

I am a ghost that blinds everyone with my transparency.


I can’t surf for my life.

I try to boogie board

But I never catch a decent wave…

I almost lose my bikini bottoms in the process.


Sand castles are impossible to maintain.

As soon as you finish the wall

The tide takes over

And you have to start again.



You think that’s the right word for it?

I would call it the worst form of torture.

I long for when I get to go home

And wash the day away.

© Copyright 2019 Shelby Swartz. All rights reserved.

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