A Life in Short Stories

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A story of motherhood, hope and faith.

Submitted: July 23, 2018

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Submitted: July 23, 2018



One Perfect Moment


Here I sit in my bedroom once again mesmerized by a small silly Christmas tree that still sits

quietly snuggled in the corner of my room collecting dust bunnies well into February.

Sometimes I wonder to myself if I am really lazy or am I just too sentimental and purposely

leaving it out again way beyond its season. Why is it that we sometimes have a difficult time

putting away special memories? Perhaps it is because they possess a particular blessing from

heaven that reminds us of that one perfect moment in time and space in our hearts.

As for me, that perfect moment was the year my son was born. It was our first Christmas

together. The day I had been searching and waiting for my whole life. I was really a mother.

I was Brandon's mother.  I sat in my big rocking chair with a soft song pouring my love over him

with every breath of him I took in. Afloat in a wonderful hazy dream of motherhood with my

angel  snuggled at my warm breast and the possibilities for our future together.

Then the sadness of two years before invaded my mind for just a few seconds. It was a dark

haunting echo of those dream crushing words reaching to me from the past. The words of no

would be mother approaching forty ever whats to hear. It was the voice of the specialist who shattered all my

dreams of motherhood when he said, “I'm sorry you and your husband will never have any

children of your own. If you want a baby you will need to adopt."

My head was screaming in silent agony,"No babies! No babies! No babies!"

A Numbness grab me by my heart and pulled me to the deepest dispair of my life. 

felt like someone just punched me and took my life away.

I don't remember how I got home, I think my husband dropped me off and went to work.

I do remember going home in tears and dropping to the floor of my bedroom pleading for

God's grace and mercy on my life. 

My prayers and tears of a great

heartache held me in a place of total faith beyond any place I had ever been before or since. What happened

next I really do not remember.

only know that I fell asleep on the floor in the light of  day and I soon woke

up to the stars shining through my bay window.

It was another November night so long ago, a night I knew that the someday I would be

blessed by motherhood even if all the specialist in the world said I would never be a mother. This

was the  most extraordinary time in my life.  I knew my prayer would be heard and granted.

As parents we all sometimes forget to be thankful for our children. We lose site of the fact

that each child in our families will be given their own talents and gifts. They will need us to love

them for who they are, not what we what them to be. As parents, we are but a starting point in

our child's journey in this gift of life we give them.

So to my son and all those young people in the world, I pray that you have enough love and

faith to start your own journey and may you soar beyond your dreams.

I will always be grateful to my Father for that one perfect moment in my rocking chair some twenty years

ago now.  So if you should ever find me in my room with my silly old Christmas tree still in the corner of my

room I will be dreaming of that one perfect moment.  To all 

those who believe in praying for that one perfect moment keep praying. For our prayers

very special messages carried on wings of angles to heaven.







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