The Black-Rose on Sirens

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Submitted: July 25, 2018

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Submitted: July 25, 2018



Sirens call

It comes again.

Is it beauty or

a screaming mass of semi-coherent song?

Grab it if you must,hang around it won’t.

A Siren is a ghastly thing

with Devils beauty.

Feast upon the delicately woven strands of finery it sings.

Phonetic heresies upon wind ways carried.

Malicious melody 

Storm brought wrecks we are,

To listen to Siren’s curse.

Though whispered weakly through gentle day

Siren’s song tender be.

A paradoxically permeated pariah, soul sucked slag of flesh love.

Though flesh of mine, be not yours.

Siren darling dear, sing velvet stanza all you wish.

I know a better way.

Hushed lullabiesdrift me not to sleep but anger resplendent.

Play with the Black-Rose god

and loose the game. 

Advice to those in grip of Siren sickness 

A bullet suffice through temple square.

End it all

Just one blow and Siren’s screech muted

for ever more.

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