My Trip to Mallorca 2016

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My Trip to Mallorca 2016:

This is my memoir about my trip to Mallorca in Spain that I did in 2016. My parents wanted to travel and see some more countries across the globe as well as other parts of the UK that they hadn’t seen yet.
After having a discussion about where they wanted to go they finally decided to go to Mallorca in Spain. I had heard a lot of rumours about Mallorca where they went there to sunbath until they’re red like cooked lobsters and get pissed every night! So we then went made our way to our local Thomsons office (which has now changed its name to TUI). The office was situated in the Clacton town centre to put our holiday plan into action. We had booked two rooms at the Globales Mimosa Park Hotel for a week after the school’s half term holiday which commenced from the 7th of June to the 14th of June.
Sadly dad had got into his head that we were travelling on the 14th of June and convinced both me and mum. But when we went to check in on the 24th of May the travel agent told us it was the 7th and not the 14th of June. So therefore all the arrangements that they had made were ruined and the most embarrassing thing was at the spiritual group that we attended in Colchester, mum had put herself down to do a thought and dad had put himself down to do a talk and we weren’t going to be there next week (the spiritual group was only on the first two weeks of every month).
The week before we travelled mum had emailed me a hotel booking for a hotel that was not far from Stansted Airport as we had found out that our flight was at 6am and we had to be there to check in our luggage. Mum had done this as she knew dad wouldn’t be fit to drive in the early hours of the morning and wanted me to print it out at our local library which I did.
Then on the afternoon of Monday the 6th of June once our daily chores had been done and the house was left clean and tidy along with our luggage in the boot of dad’s car we made our way to the hotel that mum had booked for one night. Once we arrived at the hotel, we had some lunch, watched some TV, and then went to sleep as we needed to be up and checked out before 3am to be at the mid-stay car where we would catch the shuttle from the car park to the departures building of the airport which we did. 
When we arrived at the departures building of the airport and went to find out where we had to check in our luggage. Unfortunately we had been given a rude, and unprofessional check in lady as she was telling us we were overweight with our luggage, and that mum couldn’t carry her handbag and a cabin sized suitcase, as a handbag was counted as a piece of hand luggage. Mum tried to explain to her that me and mum were on medication four our medical conditions but she wasn’t having any of it and told us:
“Oh you should told Thomsons this before you travelled!”
But we had travelled to Venice and Tunisia through Thomsons and had no problems then. In my opinion I bet this woman must have just recently got the job as she must have just finished college. This really angered me as I felt that she needed some training in customer care for definite as her behaviour was unacceptable!
Apart from that our journey to Mallorca was absolutely fine and only lasted two hours and half in total. We touched down in Mallorca at 9:30am, after getting off the plane we went through passport control but instead of having an immigration officer checking our passport we had to put our face page of our passport down and have our picture then do a fingerprint ID so the authorities knew who each passenger was. This was very efficient and less time consuming.
We then collected our luggage from baggage reclaim and got onto our Thomsons coach which would take us to our hotel. It took about forty minutes approximately from the airport to the hotel we were staying at. We arrived at the Globales Mimosa Park Hotel at bang on 11am which was the same we had our induction with our Thomsons rep. We checked in and left our luggage with one of our Thomsons rep’s colleague while we had our induction with our Thomsons rep. she introduced herself as Emma and told us about Mallorca and recommended trips to go on, and we then choose some trips we were interested to go on, and Emma wrote it down our welcome pack what the days our trips were as my mum had said to her that they’ll forget as their brains were going. While they were sorting the trips out I went downstairs to the bar and got us some drinks.
After the induction we took our luggage up to our rooms we were on the 6th floor in rooms 624 and 625 but parents were flabbergasted to discover that they had twin beds instead of a double bed! It was alright for me as there was only me staying in the room. When we went back to the reception to enquire about this problem we were stunned to discover that the hotel had no double beds in the hotel at all!
We then had a lunch which was a buffet of a variety of different dishes, we were going to be fed very well as we had booked full board which meant breakfast, lunch, and dinner was included as well as free drinks at the bar unless it was expensive alcohol drinks such as Tia Maria where you had to pay but the cheap whiskies, vodkas, rum, soft drinks, hot beverages, and non-alcoholic were all included.
The timings of the meals were as follows:
Breakfast- 8am-10am
Lunch- 1pm-3pm
Then after lunch we had a short rest. Me and dad went for a swim and then participated in a game of water polo I was on the blue team and dad was on the red team as red reminded dad of his football team Arsenal. Luckily we had Jonas a member of the staff who organised the activities that happened throughout the day from 10:30am-4:30pm. The activities included stretching, darts, water aerobics, tennis/table tennis, dance lessons, rifle shooting, French Bowles, and water polo.
During the water polo it was rather unfair as the referee wasn’t watching the game properly and as a result of this we lost the match.
After dinner we went back to our rooms and get for the evening entertainment which began at 8:30pm with a mini disco for the kids, and then there was a presentation of certificates of winners from darts, tennis/table tennis, rifle shooting, French Bowles, and water polo.  There was then bingo or pre-game shows, then live entertainment. We went down at quarter to nine for the presentation of certificates as dad and his team had won water polo. But they had cheated so I was bit sad to loose against him). Anyway after that we had a game of bingo where the first person to get a line and the other for a full house. The bingo line winner would get a free cocktail from the bar, and the full house bingo winner would get a bottle of sparkling wine.
After the bingo games there was live entertainment which was a Freddie Mercury tribute act who was alright but I could just imagine  if there was a show called Mallorca’s Got Talent and if was a judge on the panel I would buzz him as the guy was waving the microphone stand around his privates which was very off putting. Also there was the real Freddie Mercury singing in the background. I was doubting myself if Freddie Mercury was deceased or not. When I went to the bar to get another drink I asked and she reassured me that Freddie Mercury was indeed dead! I could just imagine the spirit of Freddie Mercury but didn’t know if he would love or loathe it. Well if I was Freddie Mercury I would indeed kill him.
When the tribute act was singing the famous Queen Song “We will rock you!” instead of “rock” I changed it to “we will kill you!”
But the annoying thing was that there was this ginger haired woman called Fran who was trying to chat me up after the show. She was making a complete moron of herself by making herself the centre of attention and I clearly knew she was pissed out of her head and also was embarrassing her son. Well I now knew part of the rumour I had heard about Mallorca was true.
After the show we went off to bed as we had a trip the next day and was being picked up by 9am.
The next morning I got up and ready for breakfast and collected our prepared pack lunches and took some other food to take with us. We were outside at 8:45am waiting for our coach to pick us up. Annoyingly the coach was late picking people up from other hotels as everybody who was going on this trip was told 9am! Anyway at about 10am we were picked up and after picking the people up from the last hotel we were then ready to set off on our trip. The guide introduced himself and the driver. The plan for the day was to go and see markets in the town of Inka, visit a pearl factory, stop for lunch , go and visit the caves of Drach (as this was the main reason for dad to bring mum to Mallorca as he had visited the caves of Drach before but forty years ago). Afterwards we were driven back to our hotels.
First we stopped in Inka and had a browse of the market stalls and had a drink and bought drinks from the supermarket so that we could refill them so that we had drinks for the other trips we would be going on for the rest of the week. Mum brought a lovely grey butterfly top for approximately thirteen euros.
We then got back to the coach at the time we had been told by our guide and went off to see the souvenir shop but we didn’t have vey long as we had to go and see the pearl factory. I found the pearl factory extremely boring and a waste of time as I thought we would be told and shown how the pearls were made.
We stopped and an hour and a half for lunch when mum looked inside our pack lunches that the hotel had prepared for us she was very unimpressed as she was expecting a prepared filled sandwich instead we had mini baguettes, a tin of tuna, fruits, and a bottle of water. We then went back onto the coach where we were taken to the caves of Drach which was an amazing experience to see the carbonate rocks that had been formed into long icicles and mum saw some in the shape of Lingams (a form that Lord Shiva is worshipped). Then we sat and a concert on the lake where there was a boat which carried the musicians there were two violinists, a cello, and a harmonium and the concert was absolutely fantastic as they played four classical pieces which I recognised as my second eldest sister had played them at the concerts that she had performed in. The announcer told us to not take pictures or film the concert but nobody took the slightest bit of notice. After the concert was over mum wanted to be taken up the river by boat which I was completely against, as I was scared that I’d fall in and drown as I have always been scared of rowing boats as well as water! So instead we had to do the walking route and to be honest the boat ride wasn’t very long.
Once out we had a glance around the souvenir shop and had an ice cream before boarding the coach and to be taken back to our hotels. We arrived back at the hotel at 5:30pm and were just in time for dinner which we had.
Then at 9:15pm we watched the presentation of certificates and played bingo which was played the same way as the previous night. At 9:30pm we played a pre-show game which was a music quiz. Eulises who was the host of the quiz explained the rules they were as follows.
Each team once they knew the answer they would have run onto the stage and tell Eulises the answer. If they were correct he would give them a number of tickets. However, if they were incorrect they would have to sit on a chair that was on the stage and sit there as punishment and would have to wait until another team gave him the correct answer. I found it very hard as the music clues weren’t loud enough for us to hear. I sadly gave an incorrect answer and had to sit on a woman’s lap which I found quite embarrassing but again it was a very funny and enjoyable evening we then went to bed ay 11:30pm.
The next day we decided to stay at the hotel and have a rest as we had trip the next day and had decided to go to MarineLand on Saturday. We did stretching, I watched my parents play darts as I was very scared as the last time I tried throwing a dart I nearly took someone’s eye out! So I decided to watch instead. Then I did the dance lesson which was real fun and took me back to when I did disco at John Huston’s school of dancing when I lived in Woodford Green. At 3:30pm we had a spot of lunch. Afterwards we had a go at rifle shooting which I was completely pathetic at. Martina who was a member of staff made us all laugh by making noises of a cat being shot. We then had a re-match of water polo. This time I was red, and dad was blue and like last time we had Jonas on our team again and thrashed the reds about 23-16!
 Afterwards I went and got showered and ready for dinner. Then just like we had the three previous nights we went down for the presentation of certificates and just like dad on Tuesday I received my certificate. After the bingo we played musical chairs. The contestants were me, a Russian girl, an Italian boy, and three disabled Spanish people. It wasn’t like normal musical chairs as instead of walking we had to dance as well as concentrating on the DJ who was blindfolded when he stopped the music. I really did impress myself as I had come second and got another certificate. I decided not to watch the magic show as I wasn’t into that sort of stuff; as if it was a stand-up comic then I would have stayed and watched him/her. So instead I sat in the lounge and a read a book called Fields of Grief by Giles Blunt which I was hooked from start to finish.
We then went out on a half day trip called the blanket trip where we were picked up outside our hotel at 9:20am and we made our own packed lunches along with drinks that we had filled up from breakfast. Our tour guide Sharon was really funny and told us true and personal stories about herself and the city of Palma. We had talk about products that were made from sheep’s wool as well as a shot of hierbas. After the blanket trip, I decided to have a rest and didn’t bother with rifle shooting or water polo. But went to dinner and did the entertainment in the evening which was called You Bet as well as bingo.
The You Bet game was where we had to guess nine challenges and say whether the challenges were possible or impossible by putting a tick next to yes or no. The tasks were as follows:

1) Getting five different people of different nationalities on stage in a minute.
2) Getting forty people onto a blank in a minute.
3) Keeping three balloons in the air for a minute.
4) Throwing a ping pong ball into three glasses of water (one in each glass)
5) Stacking five apples into a tower in a minute.
6) Kicking off a shoe and making it land on the table from a distance.
7) Trying to eat four cookies by sliding them down your face and into your mouth without using your hands.
8) Doing two hundred sit ups in a minute.
9) Getting forty people to do the conga around the hall and ending up on the stage.

Me and parents thought the entertainment team (Anna, Eulises, Jonas, and Martine) would do the tasks, but they chose members of the audience. However, they did three of the tasks. We only got four out of nine correct. There was a three way tie so Eulises (who was the host) gave them one more challenge which was to bet the combined age of the members of the entertainment team and the winning team would be the team who was the closest to the entertainment team’s combined age. It was very fun night and was interesting as we didn’t know what to expect with who or what the challenges were. After the evening had drawn to a close we went up to bed.
The next day we went to breakfast and prepared ourselves some lunch then went to the reception to book us a taxi to take us to MarineLand. It was such a fun day out as we saw a parrot show, a dolphin show, a sea lion show, and watched the penguins being fed. As well as having a picture taken with a parrot, sea lion, and dolphin. We had lunch before the penguin feeding, and then took a taxi back to the hotel.
When we arrived back at the hotel I went and had a rest and then went to dinner and attended the evening entertainment which was Mr Mimosa (it was similar to the Miss Universe Pageant).  Anna and Martine chose the four contestants they were Maxine from France, Phillip from the Czech Republic, Johnny from Scotland, and A from Russia.  The four contestants were put through four challenges.
Firstly, they had to do a physical workout which Johnny won hands down as he took his top off showing off his sexy body and strong muscles as well as flirting with the female members of the audience. As the other contestants were too nervous or shy to do what Johnny did in front of a room packed with strangers.
Next they had to sing a song of their choice, then do it again but with ice cubes in their mouth which was hilarious.
The third challenge was to drink a pint of beer then do ten press-ups and then blow up a balloon until it burst. The quickest contestant was again Johnny as he did in fifty three seconds.
Finally, their last challenge was that the four contestants were blindfolded and then all of a sudden Jonas was dragged out from backstage dressed up as a woman with balloons that represented boobs. Still blindfolded Eulises told them that when they remove their blindfolds they would have to dance with our doll Joanna from Scandinavia. It was absolutely hilarious watching each of them dancing with the so called “doll” as it must have been really hard work to dance and make the limbs move etc.
In the end Alexise won as he was the audience’s favourite and was crowned “Mr Mimosa”.
The next day we did the same thing like we did on Thursday as we had a big trip ahead of us the next day, and this time I joined in the darts, table tennis, had lunch and a read a book called Time For Friends by Patricia Scanlan. Also I didn’t participate in the rifle shooting or water polo as I had enough of it!
I got ready for dinner and then at 8:45am we went to the entertainment evening. Dad got another certificate for winning at darts but he was very good as he had been playing on a darts team forty years ago when he use to work at the Royal Sun Alliance. Mum also got a certificate for winning at French bowles.
We then played bingo and did a cultural quiz which we did quite well at, and learnt some interesting things such as Heinz tomato ketchup was used for medicine and not used as fake blood for theatre plays! London has the biggest McDonalds in the world due to the 2012 Olympics, China was the country who invented pasta and strangely enough not Italy and many other things too.
The next day we went and got ready for breakfast as well as making our lunches we were then collected at 9:20am and visited Palma. We visited a garden and had a cup of tea and a slice of almond cake which was their speciality. Next we visited a mansion which was owned by Michael Douglas. After that we had lunch and finally had a tram and train ride and went back to the hotel. I decided to have an early night as we had an early start and had to leave the hotel by 7:20am as that was when the coach was coming to collect us and take us to the airport.
When we arrived we got our luggage and went to check in. Then went through security but our flight was delayed due to the air controllers in France striking we had checked the departure board several times but when I went and checked the board again it stated:
So with that we ran to the departure gate and thankfully didn’t miss our flight.
On the whole my trip to Mallorca was lovely and now I know the rumour about Mallorca being a place where some people sunbath until they turn red like a cooked lobster and get pissed every night was true as nearly all the guests at the Mimosa Park hotel were just sunbathing all day and getting drunken and making pillocks of themselves.
I’m so glad we went sight seeing as it would be so boring sunbathing all day, everyday and only getting up to get their drinks from the bar and having their buffet meals. But everyone is different at the end of day if people enjoy sunbathing all day and getting drunk let then get on with it.
I would definitely go back to Mallorca and visit more of Mallorca and the other Spanish islands. It’s a beautiful country and it’s fun for the whole family! So why wait, get down to your local Thomsons/TUI office and go and have a good summer in Mallorca. It’ll be worth it, and you won’t be disappointed at all!









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