Servants of Destruction

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Through all things light comes the balance of darkness. One which was created from that concept being unable to fully live the life they had been given for themselves. Sapphire is unable to make
most of her own choices and because of this starts to learn that maybe it would be better to just indulge in these ways. Never having a reason to do otherwise and she can't really argue considering
her own actions are constantly being controlled by another. Though only knowing the way of pain and torment deep down that light she was created with still exists and she constantly wishes to reach
that part of her.

As Sapphire is older and more understanding of herself and the way things work around her. She starts to accept her fate wishing to make things easier by indulging in those things she had once been
hurt by. Losing the feeling of care and emotion until they are almost completely gone. It would seem when one truly starts to give up on being saved is when they need the savior to appear the most.
Now will be the time that Sapphire can choose to ignore her one shot at maybe gaining control of herself with the aid of another or completely spiral into the depths of darkness which had been
forced onto her from birth.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Born into this

The sound of crashing and undesirable screeching entered the light goddess's ears as she looked up from her work. The large egg she was p... Read Chapter

Chapter 1: Your Shape, Not Choice

The wind blew through the air of a ghastly summer night, as the clouds hung lower to the damp dark soil creating an ominous smog around t... Read Chapter

Chapter 2: Same Make, Different Model

I figured it would be a good idea to create a sort of index for certain things so that you will understand some of the names, meanin... Read Chapter

Chapter 3: You're Not so Invincible

Sapphire had been in her room for more then a few days, door locked and keeping to herself. She had no reason to leave since there was no... Read Chapter

Chapter 4: Never Stop Trying

When you give up you lose focus on the goal you once set for yourself. Sapphire is no different in this as she gave up freedom long ago, ... Read Chapter

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