Drowning of Dishonor

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Yadon and his friend Dom investigate the bizarre death of a nobleman of a fishing and hunting village, next to the Gern river. Brief Explanation This is a fantasy story in a world I have been
tooling with, and making, its just a small tidbit sort of to test the water and see how it goes. I welcome all suggestions or critiques and would like if whoever may read this to say what they like
and dislike, even if you dislike all of it. Thanks for at least reading the description and enjoy hopefully. I will also add to the universe if I form some kind of audience here.

Submitted: July 26, 2018

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Submitted: July 26, 2018



I struggle to breath, as I was hit by the force of the great sword, I feel my ribs break and my heart pound trying to save my life but instead dooming me more, the pain is overwhelming rushing through my body.

I straighten my head and block the next blow successfully parrying him and punch with my left hand thankfully he had no helmet, he falls back some, and lunge for him stabbing him in the abdomen, noticing him failing I kick him in the chest and he falls like a stone and I walk to him and stab him through the eye.

" You could have helped" I state to Dom, wincing in pain.

" You're the one who's mother he insulted, plus you seemed to have handled it well."

  Dom who is a man of average height with short brown hair, aged face with a short beard, and a pinched nose.

"Tell that to my ribs." I quickly reply.

Me, whose name is Sadon, I am bald in the sense of my hair is but an inch in length, I have what you might say is a broad face, I am of average height and I speak slowly and calmly.

"The Doctor or Alchemist will tell us if your fine, you've survived worse anyhow" 

"That was for better goals."

"Whatever lets go see the Doctor."

The Doctor inspects the open gash upon my chest and the damaged rib which he realigns and stitches up the wound.

"Drink this." I drink it quickly.

"Just whiskey?"

"It will ease the pain, the stitches should heal the wound, just be safe"

"Well you know why I'm here."

"I do, I'll show you the body and explain why we need help, stupid of you to pick a fight with your job incomplete"

Dom cuts in. "An idiot this one."

"He tested me." I say angrily.

"Ah arrogance, I do not miss having that."

We walk towards the back room, quickly I'll explain some background of the events, I am a bounty hunter of sorts, with my friend Dom, we saw a rather good bounty for easy work, solve the murder of a drowned man, seems simple enough, we met with the Mayor of the town, who referred us to the Doctor/Alchemist, to inspect the body, we stopped at a tavern and you know what happened next.

"Word of warning, cover ya noses and prepare your eyes."

We walk into the room and immediately I smell a thick scent of dead flesh, water, and some faint smell of roses or some kind of perfume, the body was a light blue, and mildly disfigured from water, his neck had finger imprints, too small for the force it must have had, and I see a disturbed smile on his face, a smile that looked from fear yet of happiness, I immediately regret taking this job.

"How long do you think he has been dead?" the Doctor asks

"About two weeks." Dom says.

"4 days, but he has looked like this since we found him."

"Maybe he was dead for longer." I say.

"He was seen right before being found by several only about 20 minutes before being found, plus I saw him the day of." he replies

I feel sick.

"Investigate with his friend, he saw him right before."

"We will." I say.

We leave, and walk towards the tavern.

"Lets find something else for money." Dom says, "I ain't risking my life mate."

"We signed up for this, lets see it through, plus we've been through worse, right?"

"Ugh using my own words against me, fine but if I die bury me well."

"If I live too." I say laughing lightly.

Don chuckles.

"Its late, lets get some beer and ale and sleep."

"Lets at least investigate some."


We walk to his friends house who found him, his house is decent enough should fit a family once he finds a wife, or one who is picked for him depending on his status, its wooden and of usual shape with fish engraved on the sides and some elk statues on the front door, I know he is a hunter.

I knock.

"what do ya want, ya damn bastard?" the occupant screams.

His voice is lower class but he appears to at least have money guessing by his house, well then again everyone near the Gern River sounds low class to me. I never cared much for the southeast the elves are good but the humans round here not so much.

"We have questions about um-"

"Yuric." Dom corrects.

"He's dead." He replies.

"We know, that's why we are here." I say.

"Oh, well come in."

He opens the door.

Immediately I can tell this is a higher family of the area, the house is rather large with a long hall and offshoot rooms throughout, there is a long table in the middle of the hall with several fireplaces, the beams are of sturdy make probably oak, there are pelts and elk horns on the walls.

"What do ya want to know?" the homeowner says.

The homeowner was stout with a thick beard and long braided hair, looked about 35 a good 15 years older than the dead.

"I'm Yadon, and this is Dom, you are?"

"I'm Merek of the Winston family, what do you want?"

"Um well I guess how did Yuric die?" I say hesitatingly.

"Drowned." Merek says before taking a swig from a flask.

"Obviously." Dom says chuckling.

"Don't you laugh, bastard." Merek says threatenly.

"I am not a bastard." Dom shouts.

"Calm Dom, we are here to solve your friends death Merek."

"Nothing to say, he is dead, that's it."

"But you saw him before and after." I say.

"I did." Merek says with a sigh.

"What happened?" Dom says quickly.

"Can't say."

"Why?" I say.

"To protect Yurics honor." he says proudly. 

"Honor is nothing to the dead." Dom says.

"Its everything." Merek bursts.

"Again calm, Merek we won't reveal any of it to anyone." I interject. 

"Fine, But before remember my family are good friends with the Auclairs."

"Well we are good friends with the most powerfull pirate queen." Dom shouts.

"Pl-Please stop flaunting that Dom." I stutter some.

"We are." Dom repeats.

"Anyway Merek we will remember that." I say, glaring at Dom.

"Okay you see, I'm married and Yuric was betrothed, but we hired some whor-" 

"Prostitutes." I interrupt. 

"No difference, anyway him not yet married and having to save himself till, we brought them near the lake at night and well after we were done, he claimed to hear singing in the lake."

My face betrays a sense of dread, and I say under my breath. "Shit."

"He walked in a trance towards the lake, and I followed him somewhat far behind, he, he walked on the water towards what appeared to be a naked woman, she grabbed his neck and I s-saw him turn blue and he shrieked, my God, he shrieked, then she looked at me and smiled before descending into the water, I waited till he came ashore." Merek says at this point crying some.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck." I say. 

"What is it?" Dom asks.

"Its a fucking nymph."

"A what?" they both say.

"Dom this is why I spent so long at the library at the pits, they are like fairies but they are debated on what they are exactly the most common belief is that they are the spirits of women who were cheated on or killed by their husbands, but whatever they are, they target the unfaithful that are near." I explain.

"That makes no sense everyone would be dead." Merek says.

"They are rare." I say.

"What do we do?" Dom says.

"Well first investigate, come Merek." I say, while springing up.

"Wh-What?" He says scared.

"Don't worry they can't leave water." I say.

We walk towards the lake, its cold, the trees are ominous and I feel dread, like a wet blanket was thrown on me.

"this way." Merek says still somewhat scared.

We get to the lake.

"Do do you hear that?" Merek says trembling.

"No." we both say.

"Its a song."

A woman with flowing blonde hair rises in the middle of the lake, she is wearing nothing save for her hair which goes down still in the water, she is beautiful but looks of a blue tinge, she looks at Merek who is petrified.

"We have to go." Dom says. 

"No wait." I say.

"I'm scared." Merek says.

"Don't worry she... just stay out of the water." I say calmly.

She smiles, and quickly floats through the water and gets to the water bank.

"You said she can't get on land." Merek says shaking.

"It was kind of a guess." I say shrugging. 


She walks towards Merek with beautiful grace, and grabs him by the neck, i prepare my sword, i hear in my head or around us I don't quite know.

"Don't try, you are honorable, and will just fail, he deserves this," the nymph says with a calm and sweet laugh.

"No one deserves death." I say.

"Tell that to your former masters, or maybe Evelyn." She says with a smile.

I stand petrified.

"He has killed innocents and has forsaken his wife."

"No one deserves to die." I say.

"Say that to your former masters or maybe Evelyn."

"How did you know of my past?" I scream.

"Shush." she puts her finger to her lips.

"Impossible for you to comprehend, but their is alot to your life you will learn, yours to Dominic." 

"What?" Dom says.

"Goodbye." she says, slowly walking back to the water, me and Dom confused, as her hair color turns red and I grow even more uneasy, she disappears with grace and beauty.

We grab Mereks body and head back quickly.

"What the hell?" Dom says.

"I don't know, but we will tell the Priest and Mayor, and maybe ask Aeulder send a message with a rider or raven." I say, heart pounding.

"She knew your past and therefore mine." Dom says, visibly pissed.

"I know but we will solve this sooner or later." 

"I need a beer."

"Me too." I say, as we walk towards the town, body in arms and confused.



© Copyright 2020 Josiah Drake. All rights reserved.

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