My Holiday at Seawick Holiday Park 2017

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My Holiday at Seawick Holiday Park 2017:

This is my memoir about my four week holiday at Seawick Holiday Park. Seawick Holiday Park is a caravan site based in St Oysth, Clacton.
My parents had bought their caravan which was Gold Standard and were renting it out so that they had some money coming in. Unfortunately they’ve now sold the caravan as they had so many issues with it!
I was so excited as I had been to the site but just for the entertainment nights on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This was the time where people booked to stay over for the weekend and leave Sunday night or Monday morning. Luckily for me I was an owner of caravan 17R. This reminded me of the flat I had in Clacton as I was number 17, Flat 3. I stayed there from Saturday 21st of April till Saturday 20th of May.
I absolutely loved my stay as I went to the swimming pool around 10am to 12pm did a few chores such as cleaning the caravan inside and out, watering mum’s twelve potted plants, putting the bins out etc. as well as that I would read or watch TV.
Then in the evening I would pack my goody bag with a fruit shoot, crisps, and a chocolate lollipop headed off to the entertainment where there was children entertainment such as The Loopy Show, Krazy Krew which from 6pm to 7pm.
Afterwards there was adult entertainment such as Link Up Bingo where all the Holiday Parks would join in but it was pot luck if anyone at Seawick won. I didn’t join in as mum had instructed me not to. So instead every night I joined the kids and did some colouring in. After Link Up Bingothere was Prize Bingo or Bingo Beats. Prize Bingo was a type bingo that if you got a line or full house you win a prize from the prize table, Bingo Beats was a type bingo which was song titles instead of numbers.
Next there was a quiz where it was the caravan owners and caravan guests against the Park Stars in Pink. There was the entertainment manager Sam aka Samantha the boss not to be messed with, the Rocker Rachel, the Zazzy Zoe, Alan the Adventurer, Jason the Joker, Shaun the Sensation, and George the Great Entertainer. These guys were always pleased to see everyone each night and with all their positive and pleasurable personalities every night was perfect as without them the night would be a disaster.
When the quiz was finished which I wasn’t great at, there was either a Park Star Show these included:


  • OMG! Do you remember this?

  • Can you feel it? Michael Jackson

  • Blues Brothers and Soul Sisters

  • Can you feel the magic? Disney

If there wasn’t a Park Star Show there would be cabaret nights by the Park Stars. On Friday and Saturday nights they did an adult show which was very funny. The Park Stars made the caravan owners and caravan guests do party dances such as:

  • The Cha Cha Slide

  • Supermarket Sweep

  • Finger Song

  • YMCA

  • One eye, one horn, flying purple people eater

On Saturday evenings there was outside entertainment which I didn’t stay to watch as on Saturday the 13th of May I stayed in and watched Eurovision as I had missed out on it two years on the trot. The UK came around about 20th but Portugal won it by miles.
To be honest the holiday was fun but the entertainment lacked as I had watched all the shows and cabaret nights more than twice. I would seriously not want to come to Seawick during the six week Summer holidays. However, I did enjoy my stay at the caravan as it was a nice, peaceful, and relaxing break and I would definitely recommend Seawick Holiday Park as it is a nice weekend for the whole family and you’ll be a fool to miss out!

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