Warlock F: Trolls

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A messy fanfic for Kat's contest.

Submitted: July 27, 2018

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Submitted: July 27, 2018



Sherlock looked at the high, dark mountains far, far away. He walked towards one of them. How did the others see them? Did they see them different at night as he did? Henry knew what he was doing, it seemed. So much had happened the last days. It had turned out that his sister was alive and pregnant. And Seb the vamp had lost a part of his finger to a lioness.

Kat. Why was she so shy? They were her friends and he was her brother. She had a husband and a big mansion. Her father was dead. Sherlock sighed. He did want a girlfriend for himself.

He walked up to the barrier. He did feel trapped here. He sighed and sat down to imitate a crab with his mechanical arm. What colour is a crab? Why did everyone see him as a crab, even though he had switched back? Was crab his spirit animal? His hidden potential? How was crab a…

He saw Gladious talking to some woman on the other side of the barrier. She was a stunning woman, nearly too beautiful to be true. She had a long, wavy hair, big boobs and a perfect bottom. Or at least what you could see of it. She wore a dress, that was majorly black. There was an opening where her boobs were, which would be visible if it weren’t for the white cloth underneath. She wore metal as a belt, metal like laces over the opening and metal on the cloth in the opening.

She walked away from Gladious and towards the mountain. Sherlock approached Gladious.

“What colour was she?”

“Da fuck? Where did you spring from? What colour is she?”

“I just wondered…”

“I’ve met her a couple of times now. She’s so beautiful. She said that if I follow her, she will let me fuck her as much as I could. I haven't fucked for far too long. I have to follow her.”

“Dude. The barrier.”

“I’m so envious of Alpha! I am meant to look after him and that stupid vampire just fucks him all the time.”

“What if there was a submarine under here?”

Gladious slapped Sherlock. “Can you stop being weird idiot for one second?!”

“But seriously. How do we know the barrier functions below the ground?”

“Sherlock, you’re a genius!”

They looked around for shovels and soon found some. They found a place hidden behind a tree and began digging. They dug through the night and the next day, never meeting the barrier. It was early evening when they surfaced on the other side.

“Why did I come with you?” Sherlock asked.


They stood and waited for the girl. And there she came, more beautiful than ever. She smiled and asked them to follow her. They did, however, something struck Sherlock as odd.


“Idiot. It’s Gladious. G L A D I U S. Not glad.”

“What colour…”

“Just no!”

“No isn’t a colour.” Sherlock pouted.

“Why do you even care about colour if you can’t see them?” Gladious facepalmed.

“She has a cow tail, though.”

“Like THAT matters?”

“It’s strange. What if she’s a cow?”



Somewhere in the third floor, Oktavia slept with her head in Tsunami’s armpit. Oktavia woke up. Hisashi jumped up at her.

“Mrow. Peeps have escaped.”

“Oh, poor little Hisashi. Better luck next time with the birds.”

“Not birds. The emo Atlanteans two and crab guy.”

“Gladious and Sherlock?” She frowned.

“Yes, mrow.”

“Escaped where?”

“They made a tunnel like rabbits, mrow.”

“They’re outside the barrier?”


Oktavia shook Tsunami. He frowned at her. She hugged his chest.

“What is it?”

“Sherlock and Gladious are outside the border.”

“They can manage.”


Meanwhile, in another room Elijah grinned. Those two idiots were gonna be killed. The mountains around his area was full of trolls. But then he frowned. If his defence was that weak, everyone could just easily get in and out, meaning danger could come soon. He pulled Kat into an embrace to feel safer about her feeling safe.


The girl approached an opening to a grotto.

“It’s inside here.” The girl walked inside and the others followed.

“I will introduce you two to my father.” The girl said.

“Ah. There is no need. Now that we’ve arrived, we can just go back. The others are surely missing us and…”

There came a long rumble like thunder. Gladious and Sherlock looked behind and screamed. The grotto entrance collapsed behind them.

“I WILL introduce you two to my father. I’m Helga.” She pushed the two men into the cave.

Soon they came to a big hall filled with creatures, from the size of small rocks to mountains. They were grey and ugly.

“Huldra skaffa ham nye slaver!” they all cheered.

“What colour are those?” Sherlock mumbled.

“What are these?” Gladious asked worried.

The creatures found ropes and ran around the two men, so they were in each their cocoon of rope.

“They are trolls,” Helga giggled.

“Trolls? What colour are those?” Sherlock asked.

“Whatever colour you want.” She giggled.

“I suggest 42.”

Helga and Gladious stared at him.

“Er de klare til å pule kongen?” a troll asked another troll.

“Jeg tror de er klare,” Helga answered.

“What’s going on?” Gladious asked.

“You’re gonna fuck like you’ve never done before.”

“Yas! Finally!” Gladious cheered.

“I wanna go,” Sherlock cried like a small kid.

“You’re gonna fuck my dad,” Helga giggled. Sherlock and Gladious screamed in horror.


It was morning and everybody except Kat and Eli gathered.

“Where is Gladious?” Alpha asked.

“Where is Sherlock? I was gonna say sorry to him,” Eurie said.

“They’re just outside the barrier.” Tsunami yawned.

“Did you say outside the barrier?” Alpha asked.

“There are trolls out there, yes,” Opus

Hisashi jumped up at Oktavia’s lap and looked at her.

“Mrow. They will be the sex slaves of the trolls,” Hisashi said.

“How do you know that?” Oktavia asked.

“I was once a troll,” Hisashi looked like he smiled.

“You’re a troll now,” Oktavia mumbled.


Elijah silently listened to the conversation downstairs as he massaged Kat between the horns. He couldn’t help but smile. Gladious was getting what he deserved for being such a bother. And it sounded like the others would finally leave.

Sebastian came in. Eli punched him in the belly.

“What did I say about knocking on the door?” Elijah yelled.

“I’m sorry master,” Seb said in a posh tone.

“Next time I will kick you were it hurts the most,” Elijah threatened.

“Understood, master.”


Soon the Opus had made a plan and they all grabbed shovels to widen the tunnel. They got through quite quickly and they all yelled as the sprinted the way to the tunnel. They were nearing the entrance, but soon Logan’s ghost appeared.

“Joe, you can do it. And Huli. Whatever happens I love you. You should turn, you are nearing the third trimester."

“Brother?” Joe sniffed.

“You must use your sword. These are all your enemies.”

“Why, brother?”

“They are mountain.” With that Logan disappeared.

“All that for nothing,” Alpha mumbled.

“Elijah trained you, yes?” Opus asked.


“I will give you a rune that will strengthen your abilities, yes. You will get very hungry tomorrow, yes."

Logan reappeared. “On the other side, your sword will not be enough. You’ll understand as you get there.” Then he disappeared again.


“I’m always watching you. Even when you masturbate,” said a whisper in the wind.

Thea slapped Joe. “You masturbate?!”

Joe scratched his neck. “Eh, well, I…”

“Look at that!” Eurie called out.

There was the entrance, but blocked by stones.

Joe leaned against his sword and concentrated. He closed his eyes and hummed. The stones began to glow before they levitated and slowly glided back. He lifted his sword from the ground and the rocks crashed into the ground with a thunderous sound.

They looked inside and saw Gladious on top of a big grey giant. Smaller grey beings surrounded them and shouted in some strange language.

“Help me!” Sherlock screamed.

“Se der! Innflyttere! Pul dem!” one of the creatures screamed.

“We better run, yes. These are troll, yes. They do not tolerate the sun, yes.” Opus began to run away and the others followed.

The trolls followed too, however, as they entered the sunlight, they slowly turned to mountain in a cracking sound. But they heard another sound too; the biggest troll growling.

“The mountain king and the hulder stayed inside, yes. The roof is thin, yes. If you could destroy the roof, yes, they would turn to stone, yes,” Opus said.

The mountain king put Gladious down on the grotto floor and growled as he gazed on the group that had arrived.

“Hvem våger å trenge seg inn i MIN hule?!” He hit the floor with his fist, just missing Sherlock.

“Destroy the roof, yes,” Opus said to Joe.

Joe placed the sword on the ground and hummed, his shark tattoo shining. The silent shark was in action! The roof was piled open and as the rays of sun hit the mountain king and Helga, they turned to stone.

Tsunami ran over to Gladious and cut open his cocoon. Then he did the same to Sherlock.

“I thought she would be my girlfriend. Now she’s dead. This is all your fault,” Gladious cried.

They dragged the crying Gladious home. But that night, Tsunami approached Opus.

“Opus, I wonder. Nightly do have a pendant making her survive sunlight. I wondered, is there hope for Gladious’ ‘girlfriend’?”

“I do not know, yes. I have worked out an idea, yes. A pendant and a rune. I will go up tomorrow night, yes.”


The group sat collected. Elijah growled irritated.

“Elijah, what is it?” she asked him.

“That fucking Gladious got back from his suicide mission and they broke the defence of this lot,” he growled quietly into her ear.

The door opened and that crazy rune man came in with a hulder. Gladious got up.

“You bitch! You tricked me!” he yelled at her.

“I’m sorry. Dad said that if I did it, it could one day be us two. I have always wanted a boyfriend.” She looked at the floor.

“You’ll come with me, on one condition. I will fuck you whenever I want.”

“Really?” Her eyes glittered.

“Hold on, here! No one joins the group without my permission.” Elijah hit the table.

“Says the one who left the group,” Alpha said.

Nightly sniggered.

And with that, Helga joined the group.

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