Returning home

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

While Anna was swimming in a underground lake, she saw boy falling from above. She decited to help him get back home.

Submitted: July 28, 2018

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Submitted: July 28, 2018



In a lake down below, under the ground Anna was swimming and diving. It middle of evening and sun was weak, the only place where she could see and feel the air and light from outside was a little hole in the celling. When it was evening Anna loved to swim under that soft light, even though sun was weak and behind trees it made her skin hot. She felt waves of numbness and stinging was enjoyable. It was nice to have intense feeling while staying safe. She already had that feeling this evening and now she was just enjoying the water. Suddenly Anna heard some commotion above her, on the ground. It was not uncommon for humans to argue so she didn’t think much of but it still caught her attention. In that time, she saw little human falling down. Without much thinking she rushed to the place it fell into water and bring it back to the surface. The water was cold, it was probably too cold for little boy to survive for long into it... She quickly got out of the water and warp the boy up in her clothes. Her body temperature was probably colder than the air outside so she lit up fire to warm him up. He was all right, a bit pale but his heartbeats were steady. Anna went back to the middle of a lake to smell the air. She found smell of the boy and one more person. She focused on the unknow smell. At that moment she made a decision: she will help the boy get back to the rest of the humans. Boy was still sleeping and color got back at his cheeks. Anna took that opportunity to go back at her little underground town, she knew she could not take boy there, it was not safe. She took her robe, cape and cloth from wolf fur for the boy. It will keep him warm. She changed right away and, on her way, out she had to take one last hard look on her reflection in the mirror. Yes, she was pale but she didn’t look sickly pale, her hair was dark brown and looked normal. Her fangs were sharp but they were not much bigger then ones of humans. She had small fangs but now it got her smiling. Problem was in her eyes. They had reddish glow, not really human like.  She grabbed small but long simple black cloth and tied it around her eyes. She didn’t need to see much, with her superior senses she could move just fine while playing blind for humans. Nothing can give her away easily now. Easy.  


When she got back by the lake, boy was still sleeping but it's now time for him to wake up. They needed to get going while smell trail of another person is till traceable. The boy slowly woke up.  

"What's your name?" 

 She asked, but the boy didn’t answer. He looked scared but calm. His cheeks were chubby, well they were kid chubby. He was neither fat or slim, it was just his cheeks that were chubby. Anna thought it was cute. Kid was also very obedient. It was much easier to get to the ground then she thought it will be. Not that Anna complained. Upper air was so fresh, Anna enjoyed every breath and she started to breathing much more then she actually needed. Boy must be hungry, so Anna quickly gathered some berries. Boy devoured them. Anna smiled.  

"I will get you something more decent later on. " 

But before we get on food I need to track that smell trail before I louse it. It was short speed walk from the underground exit. Anna started to follow trail while boy slowly followed her few steps behind. After thirty minutes of walking trouble started. They got surrounded by pack of the wolfs. Anna took off her eyes cloth and started hissing and showing her fangs that she drowns out as much as she could. However, wolfs were not impressed and continued to drawing near. Anna observed their behavior. She was a bit startled when boy grabbed her robe but she could not look away. Yes, boy was scared but he can't hold onto her right now. She needs to be ready to fight if things escalate.  

"Listen up kid, go back to the tree back there sit down with your back to the tree and cover your face and cover your ears."  

Anna noticed which wolf is the alpha. She took deep breath before charging onto him. Boy did as he was told. He heard patting, growls and finally painful cry. When he opened his eyes wolfs were gone, one of them was dead and Anna was bloody. She smelled the air.  

"There is creak nearby, I will go wash up and bring dinner. Wait here. "Anna could see fear in his eyes but he still nodded. Anna taught he was brave one.  So, she left dragging wolfs corpse with her. 

Ten minutes later Anna have returned with rabbit and all cleaned up with eyes cloth back on her face. She set fire and skinned the rabbit. After boy ate, Anna placed him on her back. Hold on and try sleep if you can, you must be tired. Anna started running as she followed the smell trail and the boy drifted into short but needed sleep. When he waked up it was almost dawn, he found himself in a cave overseeing small town on crossroads as.  

"Good morning, I didn’t tell you my name, didn’t I? My name is Anna, what's your name?" 

The boy did not answer but he reaches out his hand and Anna shake it.  

"Well I am going to sleep now, I will sleep till sunset. If you go out its ok but please don’t say anyone I am here, alright?" 

 Boy nodded. Anna soon fell asleep and boy was left watching her sleep. After a while, he went out to find some berries. He was careful not to be seen and he avoided by passers. After he found enough berries for one meal he returned to the cave, ate few barriers just for taste and lay down next to Anna.  


Anna woke up few minutes before sunset. She was a bit suspired to see boy still being here. 

"Did you get some sleep?"  

Boy nodded. 

"Still not talking?" 

Boy just looked away for a moment.  

"Alright, let's go." 

Boy grabbed Annas robe. 


Boy reached his hand. 

"You want to hold hands?" 

Boy nodded. 

Anna smiled and took his hand as they started to walking towards town. Once in town Anna was overwhelmed with smells but she kept in cool and in few minutes, she managed to track down smell of the other woman. She followed it to the local pub. Anna looked at the boy, he looked hungry and tired but he did not complain. Anna thought he is one strong boy. She had some human money she collected over years so, she gave some to the boy to go buy himself some bread. But the boy didn't go and Anna had to accompany him. When they got back owner of the smell was still inside. After one hour of waiting middle aged woman walked out. She was owner of the smell. Anna gave the boy more money and send him to buy sweets and to wait her there. After he was gone, she easily found woman again and with one swift move she dragged her into dark ally and cover her mouth.  

"The boy you tossed to well yesterday. Where did you get him from?" 

"M... Maine! " 

"No, I can tell he is not yours. Where did you get him from?", Anna lifted women into the air:" I will not ask again." 

"N... north! F... follow the north path and right at the big oak tree. The boy, he... he is a cow whisper you know. He was talking to the cows! But, but he is evil you know, he... he didn’t help me with Dede! He is evil!" 

Anna knew something was wrong with her head. 

"If you do something like this again, I will find you and kill you. Understand?" 

"No... no, kids are useless, now I know!" 

Anna glared at her as she ran away.


She found the boy at the sweet shop. They bought him a bag and a couple of more breads. Anna took his hand and lead him to the north road. She didn’t know where that oak tree is but since it was not raining for few days now, woman's smell was still faintly in the air. Not enough to be traced but enough to be noticeable at the moments. She knew they were on the right way. They had few stops for boy to eat and one for Anna to hunt. It was nearly the dawn when they found big oak tree with smell of a cows with it. They turned right and after another half an hour they saw pasture. Boy grabbed Annas hand and started running. His house was another ten minutes away but Anna was in trouble. Sun is about to rise and she had no shelter. There was no place to hide for entire day nearby. Only thing she could think of is barn. As she was heading to the barn boy grabbed her hand. Anna paused so the boy used this opportunity to hug her legs. Anna kneeled and looked at the boy's eyes. He hugged her and she returned the hug. It was the warmest feeling Anna ever had. It was much warmer then the feeling of evening sun on her skin. They stayed like that for two minutes and then he took her hand again and pulled her to his doorstep 

"You are safe now. Dawn is here and I need to take cover. You stay a good boy, I will miss you. " 

Boy nodded after short delay and hugged her one last time. 

Anna patted his head, knock on the door and flee to the barn. There she found one corner, away from any window and fell asleep. 

Door of the house opened and boy saw his father. He hugged him and yelled for his mother to come. She wept as they took their son inside of the house and the boy soon fell asleep. Father went out to let the cows out of the barn. Inside he notices someone in the corner. Father called out but there was no answer. Father got closer to see the intruder. It was pale girl. He tried to wake her up but she was stone cold. He didn’t feel her pulse but he saw her chest moving. Father knew what she was right away. He got the cows out of the barn, got into the house and explain situation to his wife, asking her to stay in. He lit up the torch and toss it into barn and locked the door. After few minutes he heard female screams. He protected his family.  


Boy waked up, hugged his parents and asked for Anna. Mother asked him who Anna is. Boy answered that Anna is a girl who saved him and brought him home after strange women took him. He told them how she fights off wolfs and bough him sweets. He also said she was a vampire. This was the first-time boy has saw his father crying. 

Father build a tombstone for Anna where he left a flower every week at the day she died. As the months passed, weekly flower become monthly and then yearly, but the flower was sooner or later placed at Annas tombstone 

After father died, the boy continued keeping the memory of Anna alive and placing the flower at the tombstone and teaching his kids to do the same while he told them their adventure. She will be remembered and live forever. 


For Anna, who gave her all to return him home. 

© Copyright 2020 Foxi. All rights reserved.

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