Boni, if you read this...

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This is meant to be spoken but here we go anyway. This is a poem about a comment that I read under a bob Dylan song (the song is to fall in love with you if you are curious)

Submitted: July 28, 2018

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Submitted: July 28, 2018



I am 15 and I am crying.


My lungs are crimson and fiery and overflowing with all of the things I never dared to say,


They are angry and they are searing and spitting hot lava,


My chest is heavy and tired as I try to slow my breathing enough to whisper “I am sorry.” to all of the versions of me that hoped for only euphoria in a town so small that the walls know all of your secrets.


I lie in my bed and hope that the sounds of Bob Dylan will send me into slumber,


And then I see it. A message of sorrow or loss or love left dormant in the hopeless thread of comments on a love song by Bob Dylan.


Well, you know how the internet is these days,


When your lungs are blistering and vengeful and your heart is filled to the brim with words you wish you could speak,


You can whisper them into oblivion: to all the likeminded people wishing for love in a song by Bob Dylan.


He said “Boni, if you read this: I want you to know that I miss you and kiss you in my mind more than you will ever know. My eyes are blurred and heart hurts but through it all, I still love you.”


And suddenly I am not here,


I am not 15 and crying,


I am watching a scene unfold where a couple sits mindlessly by the fire, warm and sleepy.


And Boni laughs. The sound ricochets around my mind,



Her smile is simple and her hand soft and slender, her nails trimmed and tidy- painted in perfect nude.



She is so full of life and wisdom and I, too, would miss that smile,


And the song ends.


I am 15 and I am crying,


Boni, if you read this I want you to know that I want you. And I’ll imagine your smile whenever my lungs need to cool, 


Because, Boni, to the man that wrote that message you are so full of life and wisdom and your bittersweet smile inspire my lungs,


They are clinging to the remanence of teenage hope though they are drowning and drenched in the tears.


But Boni, my love, you are a manifestation of all that love is. You are the definition of that damn love song. 


Boni, my name is Katie. I am 15 and I am crying and you are a character in my mind because I went and got my heart broken,


I needed someone to guide me. Someone who’s hands were so powerful to hold that a sprinkle of sentiment left for you under a Bob Dylan song could touch a stranger in such a peculiar way.


So, Boni, if you read this I just want you to know that I am grateful that you helped my 15 year old heart because she was fragile and she had paper skin,


But, Boni, you are perfection and you shield my that the walls don’t steal them. 




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