Ode to my alter ego

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An ode to my alter ego: Lady Lustrous Bitch

Submitted: July 28, 2018

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Submitted: July 28, 2018



I have many alter egos


I know, deep down, that they are all just parts of me. Divided up into neat sections


I keep them stacked in my mind on grand oak bookshelves, ready to be picked out when the time feels right


lady lustrous bitch. I think that I like her a lot


She is the kind of girl you read about in books


Don’t get me wrong, she is never the main character




We don’t want anyone thinking we’re just trying to be “politically correct”


God no.


She will die a noble and tragic death in the second chapter of the third book


She is the kind of girl that is undeniable loyal


The girl who always speaks her mind and never ever lies


When a group of boys shout indecent things about all the stuff they’d like to do to her body and how badly they want it 


She hits back with a witty one-liner and blows them a kiss


She walks away as if the ground worships her feet. And maybe it does 


She is the kind of girl that swear too much 


And when told that it is not ladylike she shrugs and say “I guess I’m just not a lady” 


When a man walks straight towards her, expecting her to dart out of his way she stops walking 


She stands, hard as stone and stares him directly in the eye 


She dares him to keep walking straight 


Although she has steel knuckles and unlocked lips she is not made of steel


Her heart is not made of nails 


Her words can be soft and kind 


She is decent and she is warm


She is the kind of girl that answers the phone even when she’s tired and moody


She will make you tea and sit you down and tell you stories about far away places so you can forget about all of your worries 


She is the kind of girl that listens 


The kind of girl that makes you laugh and then tucks you into bed and kisses your cheek 


She will sit beside your bed and wait for you to fall asleep just so you always know that you are never alone 


I love her because she is loyal and truthful and unapologetic


I love her because she has learnt to smile when people call her a bitch.


Lady lustrous bitch, you wonderful whirlwind. 

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