Love Poems

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Submitted: July 28, 2018

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Submitted: July 28, 2018



I'm drinking on something, but I've been trying to do right so I guess it's just sprite.
She would rather see me struggle again, so she says add a little smirnoff and we'll have fun tonight.
Told her real people don't be enablers, but she told me that she never thought was true.
People lie to themselves, just so that they don't feel so bad about doing what is wrong.

Told her I was just starting to get all back together, she told me she'd help me once again to be strong.
I always fall for that fairy tale bullshit, I should have known that she was lying all along.
Don't know why I still care, when you treat me like a fictional Prince Charming, like my love wasn't even there.
I gave you all the love I had left, and you tried to make me the hate the world, but you didn't know my heart had more to spare.

You always accusing me of lying, but I know I been loyal cause I don't hate myself when I look in the mirror.
The perfect girl seems crooked to me, I can just never paint another beautiful piece of art, without thinking that there's something hidden behind the mask.
Find myself sipping on my poison again, but I can't forget the dark nights and terrible dreams, can't ever forget the crash.
Feel myself cracking all the time, but I'm just already too broken for me to ever let myself break again.

You bought two pumpkins, guess I'll never carve them with you cause now we don't even talk.
You stole my Beetlejuice hat, guess I'll never be able to wear that one again.
You broke my vape, guess I'll never be able to act like your typical hipster douchebag tonight.
Thought you would fucking break me, but just know that I'm not the one falling apart.

Thought I was in love with you, but I've just realized you were that thing I needed to hit rock bottom.
So petty and insecure, you really showed me all the signs and syptoms of someone I've never wanted.
I'm surprised when you caught me off guard, cause I was so sure that I had found someone that could be someone different.
You said it yourself, I'm so gullible that I couldn't even realize that you were lying straight to my face.

Just hope you realized, that's probably why all the exes you talk about you act like they are full of so much fucking hate.
Cause your a piece of shit, that put themself on a throne instead of a toilet, and people act like you're fucking great.
Never said I was a King, I've always let people know I am the Prince of Nothing, and that is probably why I ended up choosing you.
The Queen of fucking everything, yet she's so miserable that she only ends up trying to bring others down too.

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