time capsule

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just a bunch of really old really shitty one-liners that i'm just gonna put here. some are from like grade 5 and i'm just going to keep adding to it like a little timeline of my feelings.

Submitted: July 28, 2018

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Submitted: July 28, 2018



-A drink for you, a drink for me and a drink for all my insecurities.

-I wish I could see you the same way you see me, as just friends. If it was like that imagine how much easier life would be...

-I don't wanna go but if I stay it's not like you're gonna love me anyway.

-The funny thing is the ones who seem the strongest take things the hardest.

-Don't expect me to admit defeat just because you hurt me doesn't mean you have me beat.

-If you look into my eyes you can read all the stories I try so hard to hide.

-Pretty girl, why are you always hiding your face? Hidden things are the hardest to embrace.

-I guess you were just one of the things that disappeared along with the time.

-This year I stop worrying about when I'm gonna die but how I'm gonna live. - for Noah

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