About What Mental Illness Feels Like To Me

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Submitted: July 28, 2018

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Submitted: July 28, 2018



About What Mental Illness Feels Like For Me


I tried to give it a face, but its face is mine,

Only, she thinks it’s not, when everything is fine.

She’s convincing and crippling, and she hates my smile.

Cancelled plans and tear drop stains on the bathroom tile.


Loving myself would mean I’d have to love her too,

But our conflict of interest makes that hard to do.

I want to go outside; she wants to sleep all day.

I want to speak my mind; she’s got nothing to say.


Paralyzed isn’t the same as just being shy,

Friends ask how I am; it’s getting harder to lie.

Silence is the last resort to mask from the truth,

She’s ripped out all my insides and stolen my youth.


I am tired of having to apologize, 

For an illness that’s threatening my own demise.

It’s just awareness, you don’t have to understand;

Just be there for those that suffer, and hold their hand.

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