A Life in Love

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Love has a way of staying alive.

Submitted: July 28, 2018

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Submitted: July 28, 2018



2.  The Sea Does Call to me



youth and beauty were once thought so carefree

our dream was but a pledge from thee to me

oh, my young love has gone to sea



would you ever come back here to me

it was but one night we danced by the sea

the ocean breeze swept in passion free



the thunder of war would let you return to me

at the ocean's edge, I heard you calling from the sea

in the gray of time, my youth did flee



to close my eyes just to be once more with thee

did you know we would soon be blessed, by a son you gave to me

a marriage once promised, but never came to be



although, my hands be withered and a black dress will soon let me come to thee

until then it is here I shall watch and wait, because I know you are still coming for me

where we once pledge our love to ever be, by the edge of this raging sea

1.  Believing Again


In my foolish fleeting youth

I found my handsome prince, although a bit uncouth

for each time he grew near, my heart did flitter

I believed the sweet words he did whisper

for young love I did try,

but all to soon it had to die

his promises were nothing, but empty lies


tears and pain were my only gain

I put my heart away in shame

many years too soon have gone and past

you know your youth will never last,

but my simple childhood dream

of my one true love will forever fight the past

my Cinderella shoes are steadfast


but they say I am way pass my prime

I am sure glad love knows not time

in my youthful girlish heart,

I still know there is a love that will forever last

with each breath I take and

with each day that does past

for I still believe, someday I will find true love at last


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