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Submitted: July 28, 2018

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Submitted: July 28, 2018



She is not just one piece of art

But the entire museum

Do not rush to study her

She deserves to be admired


Take your time visiting each room

If you look closely, the paintings will reveal stories 

Of why she is built the way she is

They hold secrets of past relationships

Of hidden kisses and "I love you's"


She wishes tickets weren't general admission

Knowing not everyone will understand her

Only those who have touched her soul

Know the real meaning behind her art


A select few get to visit her exhibit

Her dreams will project on the ceiling

Like a black and white film playing on an infinite loop

When the credits roll, don't look away

Journal entries from her last heartbreak will appear

The tears that she has held back

Will rain down on you like a sunshower

You will wonder how you are staying warm

Even though you are dripping wet


Bloopers will then start to play

This is her favourite part

She hopes it will be yours too

This is her at her rawest

Uncut, unedited

And it will play just for you


Her laughter will fill the room

The surround sound will make it hard for you to ignore it

Her laugh is contagious, so you will have no choice but to join her

Together your voices will create a symphony 

Attracting those who yearn to feel what she has so graciously given you


For those who dare take the stairs

Remember to wrap your fingers around her handrails

The steps are worn down by those who were quick to judge

Please know she is working on the repairs

It will take time


As you walk through her hallways

Try not to be alarmed when you feel the vibrations of those from her past

She let them in for free when she did not know her worth

They ignored the do not touch sign

And left fingerprints that have stained her walls


The soundwaves will guide you through the maze she installed

Good intentions will lead you in the right direction

The artefacts behind glass cases will provide you with clues

Her most prized possessions will light up as you get closer to the other side

She will be waiting for you

With her heart in her hands


She wants you to get lost

Because that is how she found herself

Her tongue will dance with yours

Once she feels like you have explored her entirely

Paying attention to every detail

Ignoring the buyers when they tell her she is too expensive


You will eventually look out the window

And notice that the sun has gone down

The moon will have taken its' position 

The streetcar will be calling your name 

Along with the token in your left back pocket


As the door closes behind you

You will feel her breath against your neck

Her lips will brush against your ear 

Sending shivers down your spine

 Come back soon, she will say


And you do

© Copyright 2019 Aisha Bogovic. All rights reserved.

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