Never Know

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Submitted: July 28, 2018

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Submitted: July 28, 2018



Why tell you my problems when you got your own?

So instead I take out my problems when I go home. 

All behind closed doors, where no one judges me. I unzip my face mask and out comes the "real me" or the "real Bree", that's been hiding for so long.

So now it's time for me to share my story and sing my song. 

So I take out my problems when I go home, and you will never know who I really am all along.

With my fist in the wall, crying, starting at a family photo.

My next door neighbors outside staring at me, must think I'm lo-co.

Why God? Why this year? Why us? Why this family? Why mine?

I looked at the picture where I was smiling, remincing, when people from all over use to call me "Ms. Sunshine"... but my sun is far from shining.

It's more like moonlight in the night. 

I drag myself out of bed while my heart is in misery, but pretend that everything is alright.

Living in two places, barely get to see both of my mother's or father's faces.

So yeah...

I take out all of my problems when I go home, but suddenly I fell and the sun shined so hard in my eyes, causing me to become blind.

I then hear two kids laughing and running around a small apartment. I tried to open my eyes, but i could not get a clear vision of their face. Then a woman, filled with beauty was smiling and dancing with a man. 

I then realize, I am dreaming about my parents again.

I knew this was them because of my mother's smile. Those memoires hurt and I tried to erase them however, they were glued to the hardware, more like stuck on file.

But wait...

My nose suddenly smelt bacon popping in grease, grits in butter, pancakes flipping. It was like a huge feast.

So I went downstairs and saw my family, sitting at the table smiling and laughing. 

My father reading his newspaper, my mother cooking and brother writing down ryhmes for his "new carrer"  in rapping.

This picture brought tears to my eyes, because that  was the first time in months I saw them together and of course they asked me why I was crying?

But finally my mom had said "Come eat. You were sleep for serval hours. Why was this so?

Laughter came out of me and I hugged her tighly and responed "You will never know". 

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