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Submitted: July 28, 2018

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Submitted: July 28, 2018



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Reminiscing Sylvia Plath

When I’m alone in the kitchen.

I’m quiet but my thoughts scream out,

They’re mad now. Please, someone listen:


Underneath every sad story, lies a writer in pain,

In her own personal purgatory, going insane.


A hamster wheel that never stops recycling thoughts,

In the mind with a brain that’s controlled by robots.


See, it never really feels like a choice

To give the reveries within, a voice.


They won’t let me sleep until they’re heard;

The cost of freedom measured by word.


Writers are ventriloquists for nature and the sublime,

They give emotions their name and give relevance to time.


Silent observers that don’t need mouths to speak.

Masterminds, who turn simple into oblique.


Every bird locked in its cage wishes it had flown.

Every kid sees with age, it’s no fun being grown.

Every moment of rage can be heard in its tone.

Every word on this page holds a weight of its own.

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