tear drops

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Submitted: July 28, 2018

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Submitted: July 28, 2018





And if I show you What I hold in my hearth Tell you what I see now Because I think you are art

Never did I think With you I would fall in love But you became my star Never ever been so glad

It has been a rough fight Trying to keep up with life But in the darkness, you bring light only clouds I saw up but you opened my sky

I know you had cried I know you been sad But I will stand tall And will see you smile.

I saw you that night Pure beauty is what I saw Urge me with your dance So, I went to you and asked

My heartbeat skyped When you turned around In need of a script Because the words left my mouth

I went on to dance And I felt your smell Made me loose restrain My hearth was outpaced

We went back to my place We lit up some incense Then we both got undressed And for each other fell


Stops at the bottom Dropping from the top Coming down strong Don’t fail to come up

If I see one of this Weak little kids Rapping here would be sick They are not ready I insist

Problems with me Feel a little bit lit When I rap to the beat With such wonderful skill

Might not be royalty But I sure I’m a king All the lives that I lead All the minds that I read

Got them all in And I got them for free They do not want to see it They don’t want to face me Because I already seen They are not ready for this

Only the few Can get in the loop Only the proud Can spit like I do

Laughing on the side While I mark my new spot And become a guide For those that can cross

Get in front of the game Only if you like pain But if I like being sane Better is to play it safe

In this lines that I lay With this chains that I break Change the set of the game Make it harder again.


It is best To just stay safe Play it right Our could cost your face Can you go hard now? Can you keep the pace?

I’m an animal Coming down from hell I’m steering away Look you right in your eye

So, you better look straight And do not look away This is just not a game Who you trying to impress?

Get you out in the express Put you out of the game Get you in instant bad shape Start counting your days

I just hope you can pray I don’t do well with stress I’m the only real left Put them boys in their lane

Till I see you again Till her blue eyes emerge Put my hearth on her hands Because my girl handles great

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