A Crazy Year

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Samantha Markowitz is a 14 year old living in Battle Creek, Michigan. Find out what awaits her in her first year of high school.

Table of Contents

The First Day

“Sam, wake up.” I heard my mom say while poking my back. “Five more minutes…” I groaned “Samantha Lynn Markowitz , yo... Read Chapter

Meeting Him

I got to Spanish, which is my 9th-period class. I reminded Sadie about that kid. The bell rang and I got seated next to this girl Julia... Read Chapter

Helping Those In Need

I was laying on the couch when all of a sudden I got a text from Matt to come into his room, So I did. I laid on his bed   ... Read Chapter

About Her.

  It’s the end of the day and I’m walking with Nick and Sadie. “Samantha?” “Yeah, Nick whats up.”  ... Read Chapter


I am at auditions for “Bye Bye Birdie” I am trying out for Kim like most of the girls. I know that Sadie isn’t trying out for Kim... Read Chapter

Here We Go

I woke up at 10:00 am and had some breakfast. “Sam, 1 o'clock alright?”  He asked, referring to the time he would come out... Read Chapter

Cast Revealed

I was on my IPad and  I got an email from the director stating the cast and tech crew. The email read as follows:   H... Read Chapter

A Dog For Christmas

It’s the Friday before Christmas and Liliana's service dog is in my room, It’s a yellow lab named Nora. We got in the car with the ... Read Chapter

Show Time (Part 1)

I’m at school now and I am getting my hair done. The woman doing my hair curled my already wavy dirty blond hair while I did my makeu... Read Chapter

Show Time (Part 2)

We went backstage again for Act 2. I touched up my makeup and I went onstage with Olivia for  the first scene of Act 2, where we s... Read Chapter

That Man

I am in the car with Brianna,Matt, and Marina. Brianna is playing Fire Emblem. I’m getting her a Nintendo Switch and Fire Emblem Warr... Read Chapter


We’re still at competition and we’re waiting for Brianna's duet with Marina. Entry number 59 just ended. Kaitlin and another girl C... Read Chapter


We’re just waiting for Brianna’s group routine, and by how her duet went, it’s gonna be emotional. Entry number 109 just ende... Read Chapter

Awards (Part 1)

We’re sitting at solo awards. The emcee  announced 10th through 6th place.   “In 5th place, from Dance Forever, e... Read Chapter

Awards (Part 2)

We’re sitting at duet and trio awards. The emcee  announced 10th through 6th place.   “In 5th place, from Just Da... Read Chapter

Awards (Part 3)

We’re sitting at small group awards. The emcee  announced 10th through 6th place.   “In 5th place, from Dance For... Read Chapter

After Awards

Awards ended and we regrouped. My mom handed Brianna her phone, presumably to talk to someone.   “Hi...Thanks...So h... Read Chapter

All Over

It’s the last regular day of school, since finals are coming up. I walked into spanish with Julia. We finished watching the movie “... Read Chapter

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