washington redskins; eternal sadness

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an article with my take and views on the washington redskins and all the team's issues, this is a sports article.

Submitted: July 28, 2018

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Submitted: July 28, 2018



I am a major fan of the Washington Redskins. One of my favorite memories was with my father, watching the Redskins' dominant victory over the Green Bay Packers at FedEx Field in 2016 in the freezing cold dead of winter. This game was perhaps the greatest I had seen my beloved Redskins play in my entire life to this point. Even with the recent Washington Capitals Stanley Cup victory, I still have doubts about the Redskins faring well. 

I love my team, I am a loyal fan. I suffered through the worst of the worst, including the 3 and 13 season following Robert Griffin III's knee injury, when he was still leading the team. I have also suffered through the horrible first game of the 2016 season, a 38 to 16 loss to the Steelers at home. 

The Redskins are not a bad team, at least not in the usual sense. The Redskins played well in 2016, despite any negativity they received. They nearly defeated the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs one week. 

I love my team, I truly do. I can't blame the players, well not entirely. The incompetence that is the Redskins' front office is to blame. Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder, I'm talking to you two. One of the biggest highlights of Dan Snyder's ownership tenure is the numerous poor free agent signings. Donovan McNabb, Albert Haynesworth and many many others. We can also add Josh Norman to this list. I'm not convinced he's any good, I was not impressed with him last season. The only thing he's good for is harassing and tormenting crybaby Odell Beckham Jr. twice a year against the Giants. 

We also cannot forget the situation with quarterback Kirk Cousins. I don't believe he should have been resigned to begin with, however the entire situation was just simply bungled. I don't believe he was the best fit for the Redskins. However, I am quite sold on 34-year-old Alex Smith. Smith is better than Cousins in the realm of overall experience and has a proven playoff record, as has been seen with his career in Kansas City. I do believe Smith is the quarterback to lead the Redskins. However I do realize he has the potential to be yet another bad bust on the Redskins' long list of quarterbacks in recent memory. It may or may not entirely be his fault if the latter scenario unfolds, as there are few good receivers around him. Jordan Reed would be amazing, but he seems to be a glass statue that shatters if so much as a fly lands on it. And of course all the other receivers, Tyrell Pryor and Jamison Crowder, are not without their issues. A former quarterback, Pryor has no business playing receiver, and naturally will fit in on the miserable mess that is the New York Jets. And of course Jamison Crowder, who like Jordan Reed, is also a glass statue at constant risk of shattering. 

My beloved team's run game is also a joke. "Fat Rob" Robert Kelley needs help out in the backfield. No hands Matt Jones wasn't the answer. The best answer could be a running back duo of Kelley and Samaje Perine, if of course both could stay healthy and not get hurt every other game. 

Finally I will conclude on the Su'a Cravens situation that the Redskins had to deal with. The fact that Cravens was given so many chances by the team and continued to behave like a bratty child the entire time was beyond me. The Redskins never should've tolerated his behavior and should've done away with him long before then. He was far from worth the drama. Talented? yes, however his long list of injuries negated whatever talent he had. Finally the Redskins dumped him off to the Broncos. Hopefully they're ready to deal with this egotistical tempermental child. 

I am loyal to my beloved Washington Redskins, however I will not simply sit by and ignore their problems. My beloved team has issues, as do most every team in the NFL except the Patriots, who couldn't lose even if they tried it would seem.  My beloved team needs help, and hopefully they will fix their problems sometime soon. Incompetence is the problem. However, there is still some hope. Whatever problems the Redskins may face, they will never be as incompetent or pathetic as the Cleveland Browns. 


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