Against All Odds

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“To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.” Author Unknown

Submitted: July 28, 2018

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Submitted: July 28, 2018





Poem inspired by the lyrics of Phil Collins

Against All Odds

I’ve taken my daily love lost medication

Mind sailing on life’s blissful purification

Felt rejuvenated the first day

This is so easy to move forward, my way

Silence was my sweet craving to taste

I ran out of my medicine and the pharmacy was just too far, so I had to wait

And then the descending of mind to mind consolation

Whispers washing over me from the constellation

Stubborn without hesitation

Thief trying to steal with determination

Providing silken mental lubrication

Is it the aura of an illuminating moon

If it is, I’m doomed

I can’t hide from the cast provided, no more than rose petals bathes in sun refuses to bloom

The side effects never stated I will succumb to weakening echoes of mental unification

Getting stimulated from mental masturbation  

Erratic heart rate activation

The dosage specifically stated to take one pill and feelings will be gone

Your mind will be invincible, strong

As I stand alone

Am I supposed to be still adhering to such a beautiful calling song

This pill may be a sweet deal for my taste, but to my mind, it’s taking too long

I’m starting to feel the adverse reactions

Mist of rain, where are you, I need cooled off, I’m getting hot from the cerebral tantalizing satisfaction

The contradictions of this medication are not allowing my mind to flee

Emotions of reminisce is catching up with me

My lost love medication is allowing too many mental detractions

Knee-jerk reactions

It is not breaking the emotional chains deemed to be free

Is it the Aquarian magnetic creed

Bearer of love that pours the essence of its heart, beautifully drowning me

I can run very fast, but I swim very slow

It’s an uphill battle when your heart is in tow

Darn it, I should have known you could not trust Sweetarts as mental medicine…wink

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