Bond, James Bond; My take on my favorite film series

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My take on the James Bond franchise, one of my most beloved film series ever.

Submitted: July 28, 2018

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Submitted: July 28, 2018



Bond, James Bond.

I am a major fan of the Bond films. I own all 24 from Dr. No to Spectre on DVD. I have seen every Bond movie at least once. My favorite Bond film is Goldeneye. My favorite of the Bond songs would be Die Another Day by Madonna. Typically I'm not a fan of Madonna, however her song from Die Another Day has remained one of my favorites. I was never particularly fond of Tina Turner's Goldeneye, despite my admiration for the movie.

I firmly believe that all 6 of the Bond actors have a best movie of their tenure. 

Sean Connery; Thunderball

Roger Moore: Live and Let Die

George Lazenby; On her Majesty's Secret Service (his only Bond film, however I quite enjoyed it)

Timothy Dalton; License to Kill

Pierce Brosnan; Goldeneye (maybe I'm a tad biased here for this one, it is my favorite Bond movie)

Daniel Craig; Skyfall

My favorite of the Bond actors has always been Pierce Brosnan. I believe he truly brought the womanizing yet rough and tumble spy to life in the best possible way. 

However I do have certain issues with some of my beloved Bond franchise. Particularly more recently, society in general is liberal. Certain people want extreme changes to Bond. There has already been major changes to Bond with rewriting Miss Moneypenny as a field agent, and making her a black woman (portrayed amazingly by Naomi Harris). As much praise as I have for Naomi Harris and her portrayal of Moneypenny, I believe in traditions strongly. I believe actresses such as Angelina Jolie or Emily Blunt could have made a much better Moneypenny. Both women are strong, dominant and would work great along side of Daniel Craig's Bond. I also believe Moneypenny should be a white woman, as she has always been throughout the Bond series. This is simply because I am a traditionalist when it comes to Bond. However, with things being how they are for the Bond movies, I truly praise Naomi Harris and her amazing portrayal of Moneypenny. Harris is an amazing actor who has truly done great things for the character of Moneypenny. 

I am also quite steadfast on my views of who ought to be the next actor to bring Bond to life. My first choice would be "Legends" and "Mad Max Fury Road" star Tom Hardy. Hardy is perfect for the part of Bond. I believe he would bring aspects of Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan, with a touch of Daniel Craig, to his portrayal of Bond. It's also possible there would be a touch of Roger Moore in his performance, however my previous list is more accurate, in my belief. It is truly important to keep traditions of past Bonds alive for Bond fans (myself included). To some people it might seem petty, to care so much if Moneypenny is black or white, or who plays 007. However it is all important to the fans who've kept this series alive since the early 1960s.


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