Andreas Encarnacion; Part 1

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Andreas Encarnacion is a Spaniard born fashion designer. He lives a wild life of luxury. This series will follow his life from his start in the fashion industry at age 26, his severe addiction to
pills, his many wild relationships and end in his tragic suicide by gunshot at age 34.

(disclaimer; this miniseries is fictional)

Submitted: July 28, 2018

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Submitted: July 28, 2018



Andreas Encarnacion was born in Granada, Spain. His parents were wealthy, his father a wealthy American businessman and his mother a sucessful businesswoman also. From an early age, Encarnacion had been interested in fashion. At age 16 is when he started designing fashion and attempted to make a career out of it. Things would also become uproarious with his family at home, as Andreas came out as bisexual. This led to tension with his Catholic parents. Andreas had always been an effeminate man, standing at 5'5. 

Encarnacion continued in his attempt to enter the fashion industry and started and funded his own line of men's jackets called "Pegasis Sire". Andreas' Pegasis Sire line would not find sucess until he reached age 21, and Andreas would struggle financially until his fashion line became sucessful. The line became popular in Granada, and spread around Spain over the next few years. By age 26, Andreas' Pegasis Sire men's formal jackets line had become highly sucessful. 

After years of struggling financially, Andreas has found sucess as a fashion designer. At age 26, his Pegasis Sire line had become the most popular fashion line in Europe. Pegasis Sire also became popular, less so however, in Asia and eventually North America. The line was most wildly sucessful in Europe. Andreas finally became a well known designer, and was respected in his field. He became known for wearing loud and colorful and sometimes strange outfits. He was often compared to Lady Gaga because of his fashion choices. 

Still at age 26, Andreas' Pegasis Sire line was first debued at a fashion show in Paris, France. However, Andreas' sucess was not without a price. He had become an addict to pills, ever since age 18. He had managed to hide in and very few people knew about it, aside from very close friends. At the time of his major sucess, Andreas was dating French model Pierre De Roca, an openly gay and very effeminate man.

At his first fashion show in Paris, many people would find out about Andreas' pill addiction, but few would say or do anything about it. Andreas enjoyed crushing and snorting pills and had them with him everywhere he went. 

Publically, Andreas would deny his addiction, however those closest to him knew he was lying. His boyfriend Pierre knew about Andreas' crippling pill addiction, however was powerless to help him, as he too was an addict. Instead of pills, Pierre was addicted to heroin.

Finally,  Andreas Encarnacion was a sucessful fashion designer. It was his lifelong dream. However, he paid a major price with his severe and crippling addiction to pills. 

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