Andreas Encarnacion; Part 2

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(disclaimer; This is a fictional story)

Part 2 of 5 about the life of Spaniard fashion designer Andreas Encarnacion.

Submitted: July 28, 2018

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Submitted: July 28, 2018



Andreas Encarnacion had finally made it as a sucessful fashion designer. He was 28 years old and had a very sucesfful Pegasis Sire fashion line, still the most popular in Europe. The Pegasis Sire line had now expanded to women's fashion, particularly sunglasses, watches and shoes. 

Despite all his sucess, Andreas was still a raging pill addict. He was also still romantically involved with French model Pierre De Roca. They had been together for almost a year. However, the relationship was far from peaceful. Andreas and Pierre became known by those around them for their very loud aruging. This would especially happen during fashion shows. 

During a  vacation in the United States in Miami, the police had been called after a very loud arguement between Andreas and Pierre. It happened while Andreas was high on oxycodone. Pierre would soon give an interview on Ellen DeGeneres' show about Andreas and his recent behavior. Andreas disregarded most of it, as he was preparing for a fashion show in England. 

While in London for the fashion show, Andreas overdosed on pills and was taken to a hospital. He was realeased a few days later, and finally revealed to the world his addiction. Pierre attempted to convince him to go to rehab, however this led to another arguement between them. This time, Andreas was arrested by London police for domestic violence. Andreas was forced into rehab via the British legal system. Pierre had visible injuries, black eyes and broken teeth. The relationship was not good, and finally, in a last ditch attempt to help himself, Andreas ended the relationship. Andreas attempted to finally rid himself of his pill addiction through rehab in England. Eventually he was sent home to Spain, where he would finish his rehab. 

Meanwhile, things had gotten very dark for Pierre. Pierre had began cutting and self harming, and still using heroin as well. Pierre began making very dark posts on social media, and some believed he was planning to commit suicide. This led to German police checking on him at his home in Berlin. The police visit led Pierre to meet with a therapist. After some therapy, Pierre then went on social media and made a post about his recent issues.


"Recently things have been very dark for me. I have self harmed and I am mentally not in a good place. My relationship with @RealAndreasEncarnacion has become incredibly toxic and unhealthy for me and for him. I am in a very dark place in my life and I truly need to do what's best for myself. Thank you to my loyal fans, you're my world, I love you all, never stop being you."



Meanwhile, Andreas was released from rehab and attempted to stay clean from drugs. However, this did not last very long. Soon after, Andreas was back to using pills again. Often times he would do various drugs with many different models, both male and female. Even after rehav, Andreas' life continued to spiral out of control. 


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