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My side story from the story attack on titan

Submitted: July 28, 2018

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Submitted: July 28, 2018



We live in a cruel world

Outside the walls are unknown not even to the scouts, I Ace Fillia am a refugee of the Colossal Titan Incident.. 5 years ago a 60 meter titan made a hole in the wall and all the titans came in and killed most of the population of Wall Maria , My family evacuated but I was left behind. I could say that I was done for but I didnt give up , I ran for my life but no matter how fast you run , the titans will get you.Youre wondering how am I alive? , When I was running for my life , I found a dead body of a soldier and He had a 3D Maneuvering gear , Its not human to get the gear from the dead body but In this world you got to lose your humanity in order to survive , I got a glass shard and cut his legs so that I can take the maneuvering gear. I took off and rushed using the gear to the next wall which is Wall Rose but It was hard to move around because the gear was too heavy for my little body. I was close to the wall until I saw my family in the boat evacuating without me , I felt angry and relief. That incident changed everything , we thought that the titans coudnt get through the walls but we were mistaken and we werent prepared for this outcome. 

Today I am a now a Scout Cadette , Many things happened In this year , Wall Rose was breached but we took it back by using the powers of Eren Jaeger to transform into a titan . I was envious of Eren because I wanted to have that power to beat the titans. We then got a insider named Annie Leonhart which turns out she was the female titan , she has the same power as Eren but she wasnt on the side of humanity , she tried to capture Eren but we turned the tides and captured her but It was for nothing because she incased herself in some crystalized shell. We also fought the two traitors named Berthanholdt and Rein . They captured Eren and we got him back but many were lost ,  We also learned about the hidden power of Eren that can control the titans. Back to the present , I experienced a dream about me being able to restore titans to humans. I was clueless about my drean until I asked Commander Levi. I asked him if the titans were humans , he said no but I knew that he was lying. I tried to experiment it, so I asked my two best friends Leone and Polly to go out and hunt for a titan that I can restore. We went out and found a titan thats all alone so we grabbed the chance and striked for the legs and the eyes and the arms so it cant move. After that I went on the nape of the 8 meter titan and I just put both of my hands on top of the nape.Nothing happened until my arm was merging with the nape of the titan and when my hand sunk in ,  I felt a human inside so I tried to pull him out and when I pulled him out , he was a human with bare flesh but he was regenerating so his skin was growing back on the other hand my arm was ripped off because it merged with the flesh , I thought was going insane because I coudnt feel any pain. My hands were regenerating and The guy was already back to his human form but the guy was unconcious so we decided to carry him back so then when were back , we will question him. On our way home we were celebrating for our success until a titan jumped from nowhere and ate both of my best friends , including the guy that we saved , I was the only one who didnt got eaten.The titan was eating my Polly and Leone in front of me and I was frozen in place , I was  so angry that I jumped in without any  hesitation and used up all my blades and gas just to murder that titan.After that day I never joined the Scouts nor I told anyone about my powers again.

6 months has passed after that day and Im still traumatized. Someone was knocking on my door and I didnt open it but they barged in. Eren and the other scouts asked me to join the scouts again, I tried my best to lie but they already knew my powers so they asked me again to help restore Connie's Mom because she turned into a titan. I declined and they left but something Levi said made my heart aching "If you want to help yourself or you want to save someone , it depends on you but make sure you dont regret your decisions". 

All the soldiers were on the gate , ready for battle. I jumped down from the top of the wall and joined the others, after that we were on our way to save Connie's Mom.

If I die trying to save someone else life then I wont regret trying



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