Soul Connection

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Submitted: July 28, 2018

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Submitted: July 28, 2018



All I ever heard,

Were always the same old words.

"You're beautiful, those eyes...a body like that? Hard to find."

These are the words that I dread,

But these are the not the words, that you had said.

"A brain like none I've seen before.

The way your mind works is what I adore,

A good soul, so kind and true..."

A mental connection, that made me fall in love with you.


I feel you in my dreams.

Your spark, your vitality, your liveliness.

As deranged as it seems.

Though here is the catch,

I know it true.

You feel me in yours.

Just as I feel you.

If love is the most potent force of all,

What is keeping us apart?

What is the stall?


Connected by the cosmos.

As all of us are.

I am your moon, as you are my star.

Though when we are apart, I do not weep.

For I know when I close my eyes,

We will reunite by sleep. 



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