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" Black Vaver…?" is a short love erotica story about a dark and unusual - gothic, 17 and a hafe year old guy named Vaver and a 17 year old girl named Veronica…?" Vaver was an exchange student from
north iredell high school to statesville seaner high school...?" where they met each other, at first Vaver was normal, but you know them teenage fazes they go through...?"

anyway being a new kid people really started giving him a hard time but he was the wrong one to miss with...?" he was a young gun with a very short quick fuse and as for Veronica come to find out
Vaver and Veronica was reuinited from true loves from the past...?"

want to know what happends next, read me and we she'll see...?"

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Chapter One...?




1994 on a Monday V aver-Black V aver had just been exchanged From North High School to Statesville Sean-er High School , First day at Statesville Sean-er High School Big tall White 17 and a hafe year old V aver about 6'6 tall, 250Ibs roped with muscles, long black hair down the middle of his back bangs same length...?'


He wore up on a ponytail that hung down over the broad width of his chest, Black lip stick on his big shiny lips...?' Black eyeliner, big long wide heavenly veined hands...?'

Black choker round his neck, two silver skull earrings in his right Ear...?' a Tattoo on his big left upper bicep...?'

Black taut Muscle shirt showed his Broad chest and taut Lumpy six pack stomach.


Black chain jeans all sagging with a black leather black belt with silver Skull, Black Combat boots...?'

The Brightest eye's you have ever seen...?' Chain Wallet hung down the side his leg, Black finger-less gloves, Black Thick bracelets , a skull ring he wore on the figure near his pinkie, young Gun with a very short quick fuse, came pulling into School parking lot in his big Black like monster truck F-150 ford 4+4 cool as Hale lets just say that...?'

With Marilyn Manson Blasting Speaker's going banger, banger so yes he drove and he worked, so yes had a part time job smoking a Cig...?'


He put it in his ashtray putting it out grabbed his key's and hopped down and out his truck with a Black book bag on his back Twirling his key's around, in and out and all around his big finger's yes he was cool as Fuck....?' Deep voice...?' walked Bow-legit to the school, People looked at him, why flipping his key's in his front pocket...?'

He walked through the School and he'd get some static walking through the doors, some calling him a killer, some call him a Satanist, some calling him a sinner, and some calling him a freak , he looked around at all the teens looking at him he Angrily Curled his lip and walked to the office to get his Schedule...?' The office Lady looks up at him...?'


His 6'6 tall you know his tall really...?'

The Lady asked...?' V aver Black...?'

V aver said yeah that's me.

The lady gave it to him Welcome to Statesville Sean-er High School...?'

V aver said thanks and walked out the office Bow-legit looking down at his Schedule and ran right into Veronica , dropping her books...?'

Veronica said Fuck do you fucking mind as her eye's narrowed looking way up at him Oh... Damn sorry...?'

V aver said it's OK was my f aught wasn't paying attention My Bad...?”

She gazed up in his bright-eyes and said it's OK he took his back pack down as they both bend down at the same time and bashed each others heads V aver said Fuck, she put her palm over her mouth so sorry Clumsy me, and bit her lip...?”

V aver said lemme get them Kay Damn as he got them and gave


them to her, Her eyes Narrowed looking up at him thank you...?'

V aver said yeah sure no problem grabbed his book bag rubbing over his head Damn...?” Today's not going to be my mother Fucking day already .

He went to look for his classroom found it Bingo... and went in getting static as he walked in again as everybody got quiet and looked up at him he thought in the back his mind Oh Boy! This going to be fun he said Huskily Who-Ray!”

finds him a desk up front on his left which would be on your right and sit down he breathed to himself...?” and swallowed hard he was a odd won but he was him...?”


Sliding down in his desk long thick bow-leg out rocking one from side to side, one thing for sure though he smelt good his Black Polo cologne. He got a note book out and Black pencil putting it in behind his ear ready to start class...?”everyone got into Class before the first bell rung and sit in their desk's...?” he put his hand up on his head cause everybody kept staring at him The teacher walked in and went To her desk Hey everyone and she looked at V aver we have a new student his Bright-eyes Narrowed looking up at her...?”

Then she said V aver Black welcome to Statesville Seiner High School...?”

V aver said Thanks...?”

The teacher calls out the list of names...?”

V aver answered with a huskily a format-if...?”

The teacher said and very intelligent interesting...?”

V aver Shrugged his Broad shoulders and bit his lip...?”


That class went very first one done with the subject yipe V aver he got up and put his subject on her desk where she told them where it go...?”

The Teacher's eyes Narrowed looking up at him he looked down at her Arching his eyebrow...?” and he went back to his desk leaned back cooling with his big arm over the back the desk still rocking his leg from side to side reading his first school book rubbing his pencil over his big shiny lips.

Bell rings he puts a book mark on his page and shut the book putting it in his black book bag tossing it over his broad shoulder got up out his desk and walked out bow-legit , looked at his Schedule out to look up his next class, went to it Found a desk very back on your right his left...?' sit down folding it back up putting it in his back pocket guess who was in...?”


This class with him yipe Veronica she walked in talking to her friends and her bright-eyes Narrowed looking at him now Veronica... she was 5'11” tall, slim thin Built firm big breasts and around firm Bubble butt slim but in shape with a slim four pack tummy, long Bleach blonde hair down to her Behind, wore hip poker jean skirts, jeans and taut tank tops that showed her tummy and her hip poker's you could see the straps of her Bakunin panties, with different belly chains on and bright-mint-green-eyes and Purdy little pale pink pout y lips...?”


V aver looked then took a double take his bright-eyes glistered...?”

He didn't get a good look at her earlier but Damn...?” he slides down in his desk gazing at her...?”

Veronica would sit in the desk on the other side of him and sit down...?”

V aver said Hey!”

Veronica said Hey! Sorry bout earlier...?”

V aver said No, like I said it was my bad...?”

Veronica said can sit here...?”


V aver said sure...?”

Veronica said M-Kay thanks...and put her notebooks on her disk took a pink pencil out...?”

V aver gazed at her Damn...?”

Veronica said what...? did you say something....?”

V aver said no sorry...?”

Veronica said it's OK.

V aver said yeah cleared his throat... and turned to face the front...? and licked his big shinny lips...?”


Class starts and they both get to work at the same time now...?”

Veronica looked to look at him and he knew it he looked at her with his bright-eyes, she gave him a sweet “Smile :)!” and looked back down at her notebook he bit his lip then looked back down at his notebook again First one done with the subject...?” yipe V aver he got up and put it in the slot on the teacher's desk and walked back to his desk Bow-legit sit down and this time he takes out a sketch book and looked at Veronica and latterly Sketched her licked his big shiny lips, looking at her again sketched bit his lip looked at her again sketched he breathed hard and looked at her sketched again. Finished it closed it took it back in his Book bag... zipped it up and sit back in his desk...?”


Rolling his pencil around and over and thru his big fingers reading that Book a little...?”

Veronica looked at V aver watching him doing that with his pencil soon he got in the rhythm of it and got faster and still reading....?”

Veronica Gasped he turned to look back at her with his bright-eyes still doing it moved his eyebrow a little at her she bit her lip and he “Winked ;)!” at her she “Blushed” he “Smiled :)!” she'd whip over her Flushed face he found it so beautiful she looked back down at her work he looked back down reading still twirling his pencil so cool all around up and over his big finger's rocking his long thick bow-leg from side to side..?”


Veronica finally got done and got up taking it to the slot on the Teacher's desk...?”

V aver looked at that body swallowed hard and she came back to her desk and sit down taking her pink Book Bag up sliding her Book in it zipped it up right when the bell rung...?”

V aver flipped his pencil behind his ear put a book mark in his book and slide it in his Book Bag... zipping it up...?”

grabbed it tossed it up over his broad shoulder and walked out grabbing Schedule again and looked at it when he walked out...?”

Veronica said by the way My Names Veronica...?”

V aver said Veronica The Names V aver...?”

Veronica said C-ya...?”

V aver said C-ya!”


Chapter Two …?”


Veronica Walked the other way …?”

V aver said Veronica and “Smiled:)!” and walked to his next class...?” and this is how it went through the day...?”

Class before his last class...? V aver went 9in and sit in the back again sit down getting his notebook out and put it on his desk, and slide down in his desk his long Bow-legs out taking his big arm over the back his desk again rocking his leg from side to side thanking...?”

Bout Veronica, hoping to see her again for some reason he knows he just started here and all and just met her but there's just something about her Veronica like his met her before that Name sounds so Familiar- Veronica Humph....couldn't be as he gasped Oh Fuck his jaw locked he'd pop it Kay Better He was thanking back, Veronica...?” wait he thought to his self reaming her eyes right when a stream of Blood rolled down from his nose...?”


Awe...Fuck as he d egged in his front pocket to grab a tissue Fucking nose bleeds as he took the tissue to his nose he had a flashback Awe...Damn No Fucking way he went...?” thanking about the heart ace from the pain, taking a message thru his veins seeing the Beauty thru the “Pain” he gasped baby-Gurl! “Really” Make me a Bleever...?”

My gurl” “1990” 13 and a hafe years old and she was 13 his eyes sparkled I Knew I knew that Beauty , Wonder if she reamers me the very first gurl I ever kissed the only one actually she whipped the blood from my nose...?” right when he said that to himself their she came walking through the door...?”

tilling himself be cool man...?” then them Angel-eyes back on him again...?”

V aver was thinking Oh Damn...?”

This guy came up to her... V aver gasped then this Guy was putting his hands on her Veronica swiped it away Don't touch me I done told you No leave me the fuck alone...?”


V aver curled his lip angrily , young Gun with a very short quick Fuse he got up Knocking his Desk over and caught this guy's hand and grasped it hard he said No, Leave her alone or I'll Brake your Fucking Hand grasping it harder....?”

Veronica's mouth dropped.

This Guy looked up at V aver Stream rolled down his nose of blood again...?”

The Guy said awe...awe.. Damn Freak ease up on the steroids juice will make the drool Swivel in the sun... dried tomatoes...?”

V aver angrily said Don't touch her then and let his hand go breathless...? and angrily whipped over his nose and swallowed hard walking back to his desk and sit it up taking his notebook back on and sit down curled his lip angrily Damn My First day here and already getting Hot flashes...?”


Veronica walked to the side of him thanks …?”

V aver said welcome...?”

Veronica said can sit here...?”

V aver said sure...?”

Veronica said Thanks...?”

V aver said welcome...?”

She sit down in the desk...?”

V aver slide down in his desk big thick long legs out, Partly open rocking one from side to side Cracking his Knuckles, neck, Broad shoulders, and his Jaw...?” when he noticed the way Veronica was looking at him V aver Arched his eyebrow... Like The Rock...?”

Veronica bit her lip...?”


V aver gazing at her with his Bright-eyes popped his Knuckles again with a curl of his lip...?” Swallowed hard...?”

Veronica would just gaze into his Bright-eyes Like they was anathematizing her...?”

V aver turned away and said sorry...?”

Veronica said No, it's OK I'm sorry you've got the most amazing bright-eyes I've ever seen don't thank I've ever seen eyes like them...?”

V aver moved his eyebrow's at her so you say, sure bout that... arched his eyebrow at her...?”

Veronica's eye's narrowed looking into Them...? and said I don't thank I'd forget eyes like that...?”

V aver swallowed hard...?”

Veronica said “Wait...?”

V aver looked into her eyes again Humph...he went...?”


Veronica said did you just have a nose bleed awhile ago...?”

V aver said yeah usually do when I get to Hot , to upset, or to angry...?”

Veronica's eyes went wide No...?”

V aver curled his lip looking at her so Breath taking...?”

Veronica said No...?”

V aver licked his big shiny lips...?”

Veronica said Oh God yes...?”

V aver gasped...?”


Veronica took her hands over her mouth Oh My God...?”

V aver said Far from God! But I am him and he is I Baby-Gurl!”

Veronica curled her hands at her Pitch red face...? as tears rolled down her cheeks...?”

V aver bit his lip...?”

Veronica said I didn't ever thank I'd ever see you again... that was Five years ago...?”

V aver said baby, if I recollect correctly I Promised you I would find you again, Five years ago... and if even it wouldn't have been Today I still would have no matter how long it took... baby when I put my mind to something...?” He went Huskily I am like the Terminator I don't stop...?” I don't give up so easily ...Know that...?”

I Loved you then, and I love you now...?” and I will today, tomorrow, and forever not no one, not know how will Convince me other wiz e or take that away from me, baby you are my heart...?”

Veronica gasped as her lips trembled...

V aver said hey Check it he got up and went to her and took his hand down her smooth face I owe you something took his hand under her perfect little chin come here...?”

Veronica got up as she grew breathless and with a sexual curl of his lip he smashed his lips hard against her's in-front the whole class as he twirled his tongue hard and erect around her's as he let her lips go with a Suck and a nip at her bottom lip with a sexy curl of his lip taking his thumb down her chin and let go...?”


Veronica Stumbled and gasped took her breath away she took her hand on her mouth, everybody's eyes went wide and mouth's dropped...?”

Veronica mumbled mm...?” and swallowed hard as her eyes narrowed looking up at him....?”

V aver took his thumb down her tears No Cry Baby, he whispered her lips trembled also hard...?!” She sit back down.

V aver looked at everyone High Crowed, High Crowed and said Eh... Not bad for a Freak Humph...?” and sit back down in his desk sliding down in his desk big thick long legs out rocking one from side to side leaning cool to the side taking his hand down the front him pushing his hips upward...?” he looked at everyone with a devilish grin then looked at Veronica and “Winked;)!”

Veronica “Blushed Again”


V aver said I told you you my baby...?”

Veronica “Smiled:)!”

Then the bell rung Teacher came in and class started ….?”

V avers Darkness became light again but it didn't change him his Step dad and their baby sitter pulled them apart that's what changed the way V aver to whom he was that day in the first place other then other things …?” His Step Dad was his Bozo nightmare taking Veronica away from him was the worst- pain he ever had done to him though you'd thank not if you just knew what his step Dad put him through and did to him just because V aver was a different Breed, and not of his own seed...?” and his Mother was no better to him but he loved his Mom...?”

Even if his Mom didn't Love him...?”

He still respected her even though she didn't really want him...?”Still carried him for Nine Months and gave Birth to him...?” and he appreciate that …? even though the doctor told her he was going to be a Mental case...?” Yes V aver had Mental issues he took medication for...?” But he was who he was and that's the way it was going to be...?” and not a damn thing change, he was Born with it, and as far as he was concern he will die with it...?” that is how V aver felt and gonna live with it …?”


But Veronica also had Mental Issues that she too took Medication for. They was so much alike it wasn't even funny almost like they had a boned since they was actually born together V aver baby born by another mother...?” made by another Brother...?” so that's how V aver puts it...?” there's no binds with True-Love- Soulmates meant just for each other and they both couldn't help but to just know that is what they we're...?” and felt it through the blood in their veins...?” and now that V aver had her back this time her being pulled apart from him again,

V avers to do list, not going to happen...?” Whatever it took not gonna happen....?” Oh Hale to the No...?” I mean a bonds a bone...?” No,he Loved her and by the surprise upon her Beautiful face....?”


It wasn't hard to defined that Veronica still loved him too...?”

Though however V aver thought why wouldn't she see him again....?”

Boggled his Fucked up Mind...?” he looked across at her and swallowed hard he couldn't help it he turned the page and he wrote...?”

Baby what did you mean you was afraid you'd never see me again...?”

V aver...?”

ripped it out folded it like a paper football and took it on his Thumb and with a curl of his lip flipped it and it landed right in-front of Veronica on her desk...?”

Veronica turned to look at him and he Arched his eyebrow …?”

Veronica Gasped she couldn't Bleeve How Fucking cool that just was He shrugged his Broad shoulders did that like it was nothing and as sneakily as Fuck done it so easy nobody would've noticed...?”


Veronica bit her lip looking up at him, he cocked his head up like Ed lover she looked around nobody was looking so she'd open it and read it and answered it, just as he got done with his subject perfect timing he'd get up to take it up to the slot on the teacher's desk and in some cool ass way …. he'd slip it up and down in his front pocket and walked up to turn his paper in, Veronica gasped, How does he do that...?” he came back to his Desk she still shocked looking up at him, his take his four fingers and thumb down over his big shiny lips and “Winked;)!” at her... was just how he was...?” as he slides down in his desk slipped his hand down his front pocket grabbing it with a sly guy move slide it on his desk and had read it, It said and I quote: Because your so Beautiful he perked his big shiny lips I thought someone else would take you from me...?” and we'd have never gotten back together...?” he gasped nobody had ever said that to him...?”


Hale not even his own Mother he turned to look at her, Her eye's Narrowed looking into his bright-watery-eyes he licked his big shiny pout y lips looked back down at the letter My Big Beautiful Dark Angel, he gasped again with the most sexiest beautiful-est- bright-eyes I've ever, ever seen....?”


V avers breath caught in his throat he dashed at the tears that ran down his smooth flushed cheeks gasped trying to be cool about it licked his big shiny pout y trembled lips ever seen a big boy cry...?” as he rolled his lips together trying to hide it from her....?”

Chapter Three...?”


Actually made him feel was at the tip of his tongue but he


couldn't think of it at this time...?” he'd usually know what to say but this

time was kind-of sup risen to him lost of words so in a cool way he just whipped his face....?”

Then he wrote back Beautiful.... bit his lip My Big Beautiful Dark Angel with the most sexiest, most Beautiful- Bright-es-eye's I've ever.... ever... seen...?” Lost of words baby got me all choked up see how you are “Damn” besides I'm not so good at putting the words together coming out good thing just realizing what he just wrote and “Chuckled!” “Damn” he wrote see told you but I will say this baby there is only one girl I want to be with, and that one and only girl was and is you!...?”


Always was, Always will be so you have me, please, please I beg of you don't let me go...?”Cause if you do... I will have no reason to live anymore...?” wouldn't want to... because without you, there is No Moon, no Sun, No Stars, No Heaven...?”

Because My Beautiful-Angel- eye's of Light you make me shine so bright you make everything right, your all I want, your all I need and ever will, so another No, I don't thank so no other will ever do...?” Know that baby if it's not you I don't want it...?” Know that cause I mean it with all of my heart, Soul, Body, Mind and strength Love you more, baby.

V aver your Big Beautiful Dark Angel with the Most sexiest, most Beautiful -Brightest-eyes you've ever seen has eye's for you...?”


Folded it up same way took it on his Thumb and flipped it again fail again right in-front her she looked at him he looked at her and moved his eyebrow's her eyes narrowed looking into his eyes the bell rung yeah she had finished her subject right then and there she took the letter in her hand and slide it down over her slim thin taut four pack tummy into the front her hip pokers even more so she wouldn't lose it grabbed her book bag took her paper and turned it in, V aver liked that for some reason the way she slide down her slim- taut- four- pack -tummy down the front her hip Pokers “Damn” he went...?”


V aver got up pulling his bag up and over his Broad shoulder and walked out looking at his Schedule again last class Kay and to his Surprise Veronica pushed him up against the Locker pulling his head down her way and smashed her lips against his twirling her tongue hard and erect around and round his letting his lips go with a hard suck and nip of his bottom lip this time V aver Stumbled as she licked her lips Love.

As she took her hand down over his Broad bodging out chest and “Smiled:)!” He gasped breathless she'd walk the other way he Said “Hot Damn!” Huskily wow, as he took his four finger's and thumb down over his big shiny lips “Damn!” whew...?” as he walked off the other way to his next class...?”


Really Blew his mind....?” let's just say he got a Shock, he couldn't get over that kiss but when she kissed him she to was sneaky as she slide something down in his his pocket he took his hand in his pocket and felt it what the...?” he took it out a folded paper and opened it, it said Veronica Call me and gave him her Phone# Love. He grin-ed “Damn “ folded it back slide it back down in his front pocket and went to next class...?” which was Weight- class that be an easy class to pass his always pumping iron where do you thank he got all his big Muscles which was natural muscles, for he lifted weights ever since he was 8 and a hafe years old he pumped iron so yes was all nature he kept in shape Hale he had Muscles at 13 and a hafe years old, just much more bigger Muscles now...?”


Anyways the last bell rung for School to let out and V aver takes a shower after weight class so then he'd walked out with his bag on his broad shoulder and shirt off in his back pocket twirling his key's again around and over his big finger's walking bow-legit to his big black High Truck unlocks the door and opens it hopping up in it, shut his door tossed his bag to the other seat looked at his watch...?” shut his door rolled down his window tossed his pack of Cig's as his Cig. Fly's up catching it in his mouth got his Zippo slide it down the side his big thick leg lights it then his Cig. Shuts it back flips it up catches it taking it back down in his pocket Cranks up his Truck pulls out and shifts his big silver Skull head Gear and pulls out taking his leg against the door changing from brakes to gas with the other leg and foot flicks on his radio and on his way to work now.


As for Veronica she get's on her little handy-cape bus on the way home hoping V aver would call her tonight then she reamer the letter down in the front her jeans took it out slide down in the bus seat with her knees on the back the other seat unfolding it and started reading it...?” she Giggled and then read on tears rolled down her cheeks then she bit her lip and “Smiled:)!” folded it back up kissed it and put it in her pocket...?”

Whipping away her tears and started thanking about him and at the same exact time else where driving V aver to was thanking bout her and what she said to him again he Gasped as his Breath caught in his throat and he again dashed at the tears that ran down his Flushed cheeks.

V aver was thanking about Veronica and what she said to him made him feel special and a whole lot better about himself, then his own Mother and Fuck nut Step Dad he liked it... No He loved it cause she said it to him and felt in his heart that she meant it with all her heart First and last he would want to hear it from touched him Big Boy yeah but very sensitive always had, have and will be...?”


Back on the Bus Veronica was still thanking about V aver and those eyes thanking about them was giving her goose bumps God they was so Beautiful he is Beautiful how could some one like me end up so Lucky to have someone like him , be in Love with me and me only...?”

every since I laid my eyes into his is all I dreamed, and fantasied about and now even more His so cool so big so tall, just how I dreamed him to be...?” almost like he already knew and worked hard just to be that for me...?” will Whew... it worked if so only one of a kind... meant just right for me...?”


How did I inspire him that much what was it, is it about me I just whipped the blood from his nose then he kissed me.... the very first boy ever gave me my very first kiss oh and will more, I need not say...?” but that bulling Hot Temper I seen he turned over and for me...?” I will never forget...?” if it was that bad then, I'd Hate to see it now...?” he has the looks and eyes of an Angel and oh God smells of the Heavens...?” From then and now still the lips that taste so sweet...?” and just like him I loved him then and always have, and I Love him still now and know I Love him Forever he is it, he is the one I could ever love, and “Smiled:)!”


Veronica got home...?” went in her and her baby brother done their chores, then did whatever after that Veronica went to her room and done her Homework her Dad and Mom came home from work and her Dad cooked Dinner, They ate she did the dishes then went took a hot bubble bath, got out Finished her homework...?”

Else where V aver working, got off work went and looked around at the Mall, and to prove that he loved Veronica with all his heart and wanted to be with her and hoped for Life he went and he looked around at the Jewelry store and found only one of a kind out of a Million for some reason deep down inside was meant just for the both them Specifically Arched his eyebrow that's it those are the ones...?”


V aver stood there gazing at them...?” Need not worry V aver-Black was not a cheap Skype, He said excuse me...?”

They went to him “Chuckled” a little don't you thank you in the wrong Store Buddy!...?”

V aver “Chuckled!” Buddy!... I have a question do you treat all your Customers like this or is it, that I'm your Dark Whole of the day looking down at him so serious Because see if that's it you see theirs other Jewelry stores I can go to, that wouldn't say no if I Flashed some cash out my pocket so is all this Bull or do you want to talk “Cash!” you choose cause it's My Cash that gives you a Check so whats it going to be do Business with me or I can go some where else to... Arching his eyebrow...?”

Chapter Four...?”





The Guy gasped...?”


V aver said Mr. Manson...?”

Mr. Manson said OK I'm sorry sure we'll talk Cash...?”

V aver said good choice I want them... if you well told him the ring sized and for some reason he automatically Already Knew Veronica's ring size do you have any in them sizes now cause see I'd like to get them right now if I can...?”

Mr. Manson said These ….?”

V aver said yes those...?”

Mr. Manson said Will these are the only ones their New they just came in and they are the only ones we have right now...?”


V aver said “Really!” they are For Sale right...?”

Mr. Manson yes they are...?”

V aver said OK till you what take them out and till me the sizes of them...?”

Mr. Mason said sure thing he looked at the sizes and swallowed hard as his eyes Narrowed looking up at V aver...?”

V aver Arched his eyebrow...?”

Mr. Manson said Wow...?” looks like today was your Lucky day they are the exact sizes....?”

V aver Said Humph... sounds Theory good that means I can Buy Them now doesn't it...?”


Mr. Manson said are you serious....? Do you see the Price of these...?”

V aver “Chuckled!” oh yeah I do have eyes aren't you suppose to use them for what they are for and last I heard wasn't it not to see...?”

Mr. Manson said your good...?”

V aver said yeah I get that a lot... Now are you going to Sale them to me or not...?” cause I mean it's your Check not mine...?”

Mr. Manson face turned Pitch Red in embarrassment...?”

Yeah sure man what ever....?”

He took it to the cash register Closing the box...?”

Pushed it up on the Computer register and told him that will be the price...?”

V aver flips his chain wallet out opens it and grabbed the Cash and said Know how to count...?” and flashed it out to him...?”

Mr. Manson took it counted it and swallowed hard... and looked up at V aver....?”

V aver Arched his eyebrow “Right!”

Mr. Manson puts the box in a bag And gave it To V aver....?”

V aver said Huskily Who-Ray thanks good doing Business with you but some advice next time don't Judge a book by it's cover...?” and walked off Bow-legit...?”

Damn” guess V aver told him...?” But then V aver left went Home ate dinner Mom's Spaghetti, took a shower done his Homework then Called Veronica...?”


Else where Veronica siting there thanking his not going to call right when she said that The Phone rings...?”

Veronica's Dad answer's Hello!

V aver said May I speak to Veronica Please...?”

Veronica's Dad said sure lemme get her “VERONICA” Phone Baby...?”

in the back ground you could hear Veronica say M-Kay Daddy...?”

Veronica picks up her Hot Pink see through Phone with a Ell o!

V aver said Hal-lo baby did you miss me...?”


Veronica gasped V aver...?”

V aver said as you wish...?”

Veronica's face turned Pitch red always...?”

V aver said then so be it...?”

Veronica “Giggled” yes I messed you...?”

V aver said Miss no more...?”

Veronica “Giggled” you sound sexy on the Phone...?”

V aver said Oh I do...?”

Veronica “Giggled” and said yes...?”

V aver said Kay is that a bad thing or a good thing...?”


Veronica said A very good thing...?”

V aver “Smiled:)!” Cool...?”

Veronica said I was just about to say you wasn't going to call me...?”

V aver said Humph... Are you Addressing I... Nah..?”

Veronica “Giggled Again” good... so good to hear your Voice...?”

V aver said and yours baby...?”

Veronica said I love it when you call me Baby...?”

V aver said will you are aren't you...?”


Veronica said Oh yes...?”

V aver said Mm... Liked the way that sounded do you talk like that to other Guy's...?”

Veronica said No, just you...?”

V aver “Smiled:)!” good...?”

They Talked for an hour....?”

V aver said “Damn” Baby I don't want to get off here with you... but I've got to get in the bed...?”

Veronica said Makes the Both of us...but need not worry My Big Beautiful Dark Angel with the sexiest Beautiful-brightest eyes I have ever seen Whom haves eyes for me I'll see you in school Tomorrow Kay...?”

V aver said Kay baby miss you already...?”

Veronica “Giggled” and me you My Love, good night Sweet sweep!”

V aver said Good Night my Beautiful Angel Love...?”


Veronica said Love always!” Angel's on your Pillow...?”

V aver said you are my Angel Sweet Dreams Baby...?”

Veronica said only of you Love...?”

V aver “Smiled:)!” and they hung up...?”

Went to bed and as is Dreamed of each other...?”

Next Day School...?”

V aver drove to School and could not wait to see Veronica...?”

Veronica riding the bus to School feeling the exact same way...?” She could not wait to look into them Dreamily-Bright-eyes again something about his eyes Empathizes her even if their not trying too..?”

She Loved his eyes and the way he'd look at her with them Made her feel all gushy inside...?”

but not just those eyes... But his deep voice, his coolness, His Body and all...?' A-very things right, just right...?' What more could a girl want, Need, or Love more then anything in the world other then her family...?”


They both got to School he parked his Big High Truck, and sit back to Finnish his Cig. Before going in siting there thanking something didn't feel right inside him and he just Knew today May not be a good day Sick feeling he Knew something was up but what he didn't know he don't like Surprises that gave him that feeling Smoking his Cig. He thought Well what ever it Maybe it wasn't anything he couldn't cover- handle so what ever it is... He is Prepared for anything...?”


Last hit took it to the ashtray and put it out slipped a piece of Big Red Gum in his mouth flipped his Key's from the ignition, and grabbed his Black Book Bag...?”

Hopped out shut his door Locked His Truck Flipping his Key's around up and over his big Finger's then down in his jean pocket walking into the School bow-legit getting Static Thru the door again and went Straight to his First class...?”Next class he'll be with his baby so he wanted to get this one over with he wanted to see his baby...?”


Veronica comes in to School which this day she dressed drop Dead and only for V aver she was wearing Short Whyte Taut Minnie Hip Poker jean skirt still the strings , with a thick Whyte Belt with a silver Buckle a taut Whyte tank top showed some cleavage not to much just right and her wee-taut four- pack Tummy with a Whyte beaded belly chain a string of Pearls hung down her belly button her slip ion's Whyte of-course long hair down wavy, with a thick hair bow on to hold her long bangs back...?” Make up, earrings Beautiful all dressed like Milk in Whyte...?”


Veronica goes to her first class wanting it to hurry and get over with sol's she could see her man...?”

OK so class in sedition, class lets out now..?'

Veronica's walking and talking to her Friends getting ready to go to next Class now same Guy from yesterday on her Ass like a Blood hound Humping at her legs like a Fucking Mississippi Hound dog...?”and right when V aver came out of Class Looking for her and saw it Grabbing Purdy Much at His Ass OH! Sheeit Wrong Move with Big Boy V aver He Curled his lip Angrily tossing his Book Bag across the Hall and ran and Tackled this Guy off the mother fucking Floor up against the Fucking Locker's Smashing and dented the lockers

and he lifting This guy Up in the air off the Mother Fucking Floor up the Fucking Lockers with his big Four arm...?”


At his throat looking up at Him and said Huskily and angrily as streams of Blood rolled down from his nose looking up into this guy's eyes with a stormy Glare y Hazed Look, “Bitch I Done told you don't Touch her! She's Mine! Touch her again in any Fucking way and I'll really Fuck you the Fuck up for Fuck Saks do you understand the words Coming out Of my mother Fucking Mouth Curled his lip angrily, Face Pitch Fucking red just Nod if you Comprehend...?”

The Guy nodded, as he let go the guy fail to the Floor grabbing at his throat gasping as he Looked up at V aver Hawked up a Luggie and Spat it out in his face She's Mine Leave her the Fuck alone, as he walked back all cool and Angry breathing hard as he Curled his lip and whips over his Mouth and swallowed hard Popping his Knuckles, neck, Shoulders and Jaw...?” and looked around and everybody's Eyes wide and Mouths dropped out of the way all against the walls...?”


V avers Broad Chest and Taut Lumpy- Six- Pack- Stomach twitching and jerking Starring up at him he Curled his lip Take a fucking Picture Fucking last longer Huskily and Angrily...?”

and looked down at the guy in the floor still trying to Breath...?”

Veronica came up behind him taking her arm's around his Taut Lumpy- six- Pack- stomach...?”

V aver turned around she gave him...?”

Chapter Five...?



His Book Bag as her eyes Narrowed Looking up into his eyes and took and Curled his Big Arm around her wee-waist and walked to class together she though However she was shocked... she'd rub over his Stomach Slowly M-Kay...?”

V aver said I am now sorry and swallowed hard...?”

Veronica said it's M-Kay come here...?”

V aver did she whipped the blood from his nose as her eyes Narrowed looking up into his Bright-eyes and “Smiled:)!” tossed it in the Trash...?”

V aver swallowed hard...?”

Veronica took her hand on his face and Kissed him His Lips was Trembling hard from being so Angry taking her thumb over Them Kay...?” and sit in their desks he slide down in it... and Calmed down...?”and said “Damn” what a thrill he thought to himself...?” OK well now first thrill for the day Humph... Whats next...?” Well School went and after School V aver Had a Big surprise outside In The Schools Parking Lot he was all cool until he walked out the door stood that Guy That Grabbed Veronica's Ass and his Buddies trying to act all Big and Bad the Guy Backed off But his Buddies thought they'd Fuck with V aver...?”


One of them said Hey you Big Fucking Freak you don't Scare me But we didn't Very much Like what you did to our Friend here Freak you don't Belong here go Back to the Freak Ass Show you was Sheeit it from...?”

V aver tried to be the cool one and just walk away... But you know there's always a Bad Apple that Spoils the Bunch...?” Why... One of them Jumped him From Behind Bashing the Back his Back with Both his Fist wrong move don't do that not to V aver anyway after what his step Dad does to him don't go there..?”


Just, Just don't Heads up here's another one, and another one, They all up in his ears talking a Whole Bunch of Sheeit V aver wasn't Trying to hear, get back Mother Fucker you dunno him like that V aver don't play around, when it came to V aver come on, come on don't get swung on one false move and V aver took him down, and they all Started Brawling Caught on the seen Someone goes in right before Veronica had to get on her Bus, someone said Yo! Big Fight out back in the parking lot Big Butt Freak and a couple guy's...?”


Veronica “Gasped...?” she already Knew whom was the Victim but she also Knew if she went out there she'd miss her Bus then how would she get home...?” She didn't care No, all the teens Scattered like Roaches out the back and Veronica right Behind them right when Veronica Finally got out going through the crowed till she reached the spot and sure enough just as she thought was her Baby with his Flaming Hot tamper and four guy's trying to gang up on him...?” he'd do what ever it takes, cause he loved the dreamily in his veins, Because he loves the way it feels when he brakes the Chain...?” The light was gone and the Darkness was on as he was Knocking off some Blocks and got Dropped and got there faces Flown with ever Hard fucking ass Blow by Blow little stoop-ids done made her Big Boy Lose it...?”


Veronica came, she saw her Baby hitting them all right dead in the Jaws, see he caught one with a right hook, one with a left hook, caught one with a Jab, Caught one with a round house Kick, two with an jump Kick, one with a Flipping Kick, One with a Head Butt, two with a Upper cut Kicking them in they Ass all with a cool ass Kick like, ring around the roses and they all Fall down...?” Blooded, Bruised and battered, and Knocked the Fuck Out...?”

He stood there Angry as Fuck But sexy as Hale couple Cuts, Busted lip and slice in the top his head and nose Bleeding gasping for breath...?”


He looked aside at everyone with Them Stormy – Hazing- bright eyes Next he went Huskily and angrily anybody else want to Dance with the Whyte Devil in the Bright Sun Light...?” all the teens Backed off oh come on I'm just getting started...?”

Everyone Scattered again like Rocha's he went All-right y then but one...?”

He looked very mean but still drop-dead-sexy in the heat of the moment

covered in sweat from the fight, Muscles Bodged out tauter then stones, No shirt... and Hotter then “Hott!” her eyes Narrowed looking up into his eyes...?”

V aver Cocked his head up like Ed- Lover took his finger out moved his finger for her to come here...?”

Veronica Bit her lip and went to him as her eyes Narrowed looking up into his eyes and simply said very interesting Fighting there Big Boy...?”

V aver said sorry baby wasn't actually on my to do list...?”

Veronica said then what is... moving her eyebrows...?” are you OK...?”

V aver said I'm OK but their not...?”

Veronica “Smiled:)!” Oh No...?”


V aver “Smiled:)!” baby did you miss your Bus...?”

Veronica said yes I did...?”

V aver said Need a Ride...?”

Veronica said yeah I do... would you mind giving me one biting her lip...?”

V aver said nope not at all...?”

Veronica said OK thanks...?”

V aver went welcome, took her hand and tossed his Book bag on his shoulder and he took her to his Big High Truck, opened his door and helped her up and in she slide to the other side he tossed his Bag inside and hopped up inside himself there we go...?”


V aver Buckled up, rolled down his window took his pack of his Cig's up as a Cig. Flew up in the air and he caught it in his Mouth and got his Zippo flipped the top Flick the wick and lite his Cig...?' then rolled his lighter down around and over his big finger's and down his Jean Pocket flipped his Keys out his front pocket and up and over and around and through his Big Finger's and puts it in the ignition and Cranks it up leg up on the door shifted his Gears Backed out and pulled out, Veronica's

eyes wide and mouth dropped he looked at her from aside and Moved his eyebrow's then popped his knuckles, and neck, shoulders and Jaw, and drove she gazed at her eyes Narrowed looking at that big Hot muscular body big hands shifting his gears Drove so calm cool and Collective he said got to stop at the gas station...?”


Veronica said M-Kay you wouldn't thank he still was trying to Calm down...?” She felt he was still Hot, his eyes till all... Finished his Cig. And put it out...?”

Veronica said Pull over V aver...?”

V aver does what she say's and said What...?”

Veronica said sorry but I can't stand seeing you like that...?”

V aver said like What...?”

Veronica came over to him as her eyes Narrowed looking into them Sexy- Bright-eyes as she sit on his lap and she took a Napkin from the dashboard and licked it and dabbed it up the side his forehead whipping away the blood from it, then his lip ooh does that hurt...?”


V aver said a little...?”

Veronica said ooh looks like it would as she dabbed at it and down then whipped the blood from his nose now there that's better as she tossed it into the trash bag hanging from his Ashtray...?” and right as she turned back facing him he took his hand on her face and pushed his lips hard against her's twirling his tongue hard and sexy all around and up and down hers taking his hand around the back her neck and feed her his tongue harder and also sexy she moaned as she kissed him back as her breath Hardened along with his as their lips rolled sexy around and round sucking and nipping at each others lips he took his hands on her face kiss her chin and lips again...?”


Then took his hands up her sides crossing his big arms up her back till his fingers was on her shoulders kissing down her chin she took her head back he'd kiss all over her neck she gasped...?” all over her Cleavage then backup her neck, Chin and lips and with his Hot hard sexy Breathing lips he said Baby I want you, I've wanted you for a very long time with a sexual curl of his lip...?”

Veronica's eyes Narrowed looking into his bright-eyes and swallowed hard Breathless...?”

V aver said please and swallowed hard, Veronica took her hand on his face and smashed her lips against his and said I want you too...?”

V aver said yeah...?”

Veronica said ye-sh...?”

V aver took his head behind her neck as you wish and pushed his lips hard against hers and again went into a Hot hard sexy tongue fun filled kiss as she kissed all over his face eyes hair lines taking his long pony tail down his long Black hair fail over his right eye and she smashed her lips against his feeding each others tongues to each other taking his big hands up on the sides her legs ….?”


V aver took his hands up them taking her little skirt up and over her big Beautiful Ass she took his hands to the side her panties and helped him rip them with his thumbs as she lifted up looking into his eyes taking them from him and shoved them down his front jean pocket touch me...?”

V aver did just that then took his big hands up her sides taking her tank top up and off she took his big hand up her tummy to the front of her Bra helping him pop it he took his big hands up taking the Bra straps down her shoulder's he gazed down her with them sexy bright-eyes curled his lip sexually she took his seat belt off then took her hands on his Broad chest down his taut Lumpy-hot- sweaty- six- pack- stomach...?”


Veronica Lifted up as she pulled at his Belt Buckle Unbuckling it and undone his jeans and unzipping it he gave his hips a hard roll and jerk sitting his raging desire up and between the both them with a shudder and a gasped sliding it up and down them and over her thighs she took her hand on his Broad shoulders and came up over it and rolled her warm wetness around it he shuddered and swallowed hard she then took the head in V aver down it a little more both Holding their breaths as he couldn't stand it anymore as he gently gave his hips a sensual roll and jerk with a sexual curl of his lip both gasped as he took her wee-hips in his big hands and helped her ride him gently first finding a sensual rhythm together had them both moaning and groaning and Breathing also hard together as both there Breaths caught in there throats as they dashed at the hot tears that ran down both their Flushed dark red cheeks, Very first times is Kind of Combined pleasure and pain was very Special to each other and very emotional, to Pop both s Cherry's they Both shook hard he touched her all over and she and him both covered in Hot sweat once they got the feel of each other they picked up their passes together and before you know it his Big Truck leaned with it, Rocked with it hard as Veronica popped Locked and dropped it hard down on him...?”


Drove V aver up sane, Blew his fucking mind how fucking hard his baby went off on him Flipped his lid as she went Crazy on him and something depth within her Struck a nerve and he lost all Control had her galloping up on him till finely Veronica could bare no more as she Screamed out his name and her body Trembled hard as her hips jerked hard into one Huge Massive Arch against him as her Breath Caught in her throat and she Dashed at the tears that ran down her Hot Pitch red Flushed cheek as her love-hole Clamped down hard and powerful around his ready to blow Love rod like she was chewing it up in hard Vibe like ripples...?”


V aver Curled his lip sexually Ugh... yeah... baby which lead him to his climax as he cried out Huskily baby gonna cum, as he gasped, grunted Huskily and swallowed hard Once, Twice, Third times a charm he tried to pull back and out but she would not let him he had no choice but to give into her as he latterly Bare Hugged her gave his hips a hard roll and jerk all the way depth within her and his Breath caught in his throat as he dashed at the hot tears that ran down his Pitch red Flushed cheeks as well as Veronica in the Combined Pleasure and pain as his hips jerked hard into One huge Massive Arch against her and he fail to her Breast as he grunted Humph...Yeah... Baby, why he Splashed her walls within gripping her he couldn't move all he could do was Grunt, pout and Moan sucking back Hard Huskily on sobs as he curled his lip and kissed her breast till finally his flow slowed and he could move again fast in and out her giving his hips one hard roll and jerk depth within her he gasped with a Huskily”


V aver would rub his face all aver her Breast and said Oh God Baby I Love you as he shook also hard and His stomach jerked hard within and against hers she took her Hand on his face whipping away his tears of Combined Pleasure and pain and she said I Love you too Baby, Awe... Baby your shaking taking her hands down his long black hair and hugged his head and kissed his hair he swallowed hard, she took his face in her hands and pressed her lips against his hard trembling lips rested together then she got dressed and he zipped up when she was done he'd done got the box out her eyes narrowed looking into his Bright-eyes

and he Flipped it open Be Mine...?”

Veronica gasped Yes...?”


V aver took them out then so be it he put hers on first then she put his on his finger it was Beautiful so expensive..?”

V aver said it's well worth it baby...?”

Veronica looked at it was a thick 20 Karat Gold ring with Three big Diamonds on it.

Veronica said what's these mean...?”

V aver said The past... the here and now... and the Future baby...?”

Veronica's eyes Sparkled “Smiled:)!” I Love it, Wow...?”

V aver “Smiled:)!” pulled his hair back up in a pony tail then rolled down the window to smoke a Cig.

Veronica said May I have one...?”

V aver said you Smoke...?”

Veronica said yes...?”

v aver lights her one gave it to her and lite his and pulled out...?”

The End! “

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